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Gender pay discrimination is one of the reasons women in the EU earn 16% less than men on average.

Pay transparency improves workers’ access to information on pay – raising awareness of discrimination and making it easier to enforce equal pay.

It also helps women file claims related to pay issues.

This initiative will:

  • introduce binding pay transparency measures
  • make pay systems more transparent
  • improve public understanding of the relevant legal concepts
  • strengthen enforcement mechanisms.
Employment and social affairs
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Proposal for a directive


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06 January 2020 - 03 February 2020 (midnight Brussels time)
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Feedback (43)

  • 3 February 2020 Non-governmental organisation (NGO)
    COFACE Families Europe (Belgium)

    Equal pay for women and men is one of the cornerstones of Gender Equality and goes hand in hand with closing the gender care gap and supporting work-life balance. Hence closing the gender pay gap must be one of the key components of the next Commission’s Gender Equality Strategy, based on core European values of social inclusion and non-discrimination. This can only become a reality through comprehensive policies and legislation. Choices do...

  • 3 Febbraio 2020 Company/business organisation
    Confcooperative (Italy)

    E’ molto importante tenere l’attenzione su questo tema. L’Unione Europea deve prendersi carico della difformità, sempre più evidente, nella retribuzione data a professioniste donne e data a professionisti uomini, tra lavoratrici e lavoratori in genere, che a parità di ore lavorative, percepiscono salari differenti e non di poco, basterebbe di per sé come elemento a cui porre attenzione, ma bisogna considerare che tale dinamica è fonte di...

  • 3 février 2020 Public authority
    French labour ministry (France)

    Les autorités françaises saluent ce projet d’initiative de la Commission européenne portant sur la transparence des rémunérations entre femmes et hommes. En effet, le Président de la République a fait de l’égalité entre les femmes et les hommes la grande cause de son quinquennat 2017-2002 afin de parvenir à une égalité réelle. L’égalité entre les femmes et les hommes doit également être une priorité pour l’Union Européenne, en raison des...

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Planned for
First quarter 2020

Commission adoption

Feedback: upcoming

Proposal for a directive
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Planned for
Fourth quarter 2020

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