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This initiative calls for a new policy framework so the Commission can continue tackling gender inequality in the EU and beyond.

It will focus on:

  • violence against women
  • pay transparency/gender pay gap
  • gender balance on company boards
  • work-life balance
  • gender issues related to climate change and artificial intelligence.
Employment and social affairs
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16 January 2020 - 13 February 2020 (midnight Brussels time)
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Feedback (74)

  • 13 February 2020 Non-governmental organisation (NGO)
    ENSIE, European Network of Social Integration Enterprises (Belgium)

    The Strategic engagement for gender equality 2016-2019 had five priorities, amongst which, increasing female labor market participation and the equal economic independence of women and men. In this regard, legislative measures are important because they include entitlements to facilitating working-time arrangements to reconcile work and family life and improved protection of part-time workers for instance. However, sometimes they appear to be...

  • 13 February 2020 Non-governmental organisation (NGO)
    Plumas Moradas (Belgium)

    At Plumas Moradas, a platform for feminist communicators based in Belgium, we are aware that the current European legislation on media does not include specific measures to achieve gender equality. Against this backdrop, we consider it is vital to transform the media, as they are guarantors of the right to access information, weapons to combat stereotypes and labor inequality, and determinants to end violence against women. In the same vein as...

  • 13 February 2020 Non-governmental organisation (NGO)
    Miesten tasa-arvo ry (Finland)

    4. Equality before the Law In EU countries, men and women are not equal before the Law. For instance, in Finland, the legislation discriminates against men; conscription only affects men. We find it awkward that EU wants to improve the situation of all women all around the world, and yet allows its own member states to enforce entirely different legal status onto its citizens depending on their gender. Gender Equality issues especially...

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Public consultation

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Planned for
First quarter 2019

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Planned for
First quarter 2020

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