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The partnership will coordinate all air traffic management (ATM) research, development and validation activities in the EU. It will help:

  • improve air transport safety levels
  • reduce emissions and ATM costs
  • increase ATM capacity
  • focus efforts and resources to deliver innovative technical and operational solutions in line with the priorities of the Single European Sky initiative.
Type of act
Proposal for a regulation


Feedback: open

Inception impact assessment
More about roadmaps.

Feedback period
30 July 2019 - 27 August 2019 (midnight Brussels time)

The Commission would like to hear your views.

Roadmaps are open for feedback for 4 weeks. Feedback will be taken into account for further development and fine tuning of the initiative. The Commission will summarise the input received in a synopsis report explaining how the input will be taken on board and, if applicable, why certain suggestions can't be taken up. Feedback received will be published on this site and therefore must adhere to the feedback rules.

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Feedback (11)

  • NATS (United Kingdom)
    23 August 2019 Company/business organisation
    NATS (United Kingdom)

    NATS welcomes the opportunity to comment on the Commission’s “European Partnership for Integrated Air Traffic Management” (Research & Innovation) Inception Impact Assessment Roadmap. We support “Integrated Air Traffic Management (ATM)” as a specific candidate for an integrated partnership under the Horizon Europe programme. NATS supports the establishment of an institutional partnership for integrated ATM under Article 187 – as proposed...

  • EBAA (Belgium)
    23 August 2019 Other
    EBAA (Belgium)

    ATM is as a cornerstone. As stated in the impact assessment document, ATM in the EU has improved thanks to the Single European Sky policy and, in particular due to the achievements of its technological component, the Single European Sky air traffic management research (SESAR) project. EBAA appreciates the opportunity offered to provide our view on the necessary next steps in order to cope with sustained air traffic growth and operations while...

  • ATCEUC (France)
    20 August 2019 Trade union
    ATCEUC (France)

    ATCEUC welcomes this initiative of a new proposed European partnership. Interoperable and harmonised EU ATM system that provides interoperable technological and operational solutions is a necessary step to create sustainable air transport and connectivity within the EU. ATCEUC does believe that the juridical construction of this new partnership should guarantee some stability and resilience with regards to the challenges ahead. Finally,...

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Public consultation

Feedback: upcoming
Planned for
Third quarter 2019

Commission adoption

Feedback: upcoming

Proposal for a regulation
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Planned for
First quarter 2020

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