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This evaluation will assess the extent to which the EU’s farm policy (the common agricultural policy) has helped farmers manage the soil more sustainably.

Agriculture and rural development
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30 July 2019 - 27 August 2019 (midnight Brussels time)

The Commission would like to hear your views.

Roadmaps are open for feedback for 4 weeks. Feedback will be taken into account for further development and fine tuning of the initiative. The Commission will summarise the input received in a synopsis report explaining how the input will be taken on board and, if applicable, why certain suggestions can't be taken up. Feedback received will be published on this site and therefore must adhere to the feedback rules.

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  • CEETTAR (Belgium)
    6 August 2019 Business association
    CEETTAR (Belgium)

    The European Confederation of Agricultural, Rural and Forestry Contractors – CEETTAR - represents the interests of land-based contractors in Europe. CEETTAR welcomes the Evaluation roadmap of the Common Agricultural Policy‘s impact on the impact of the EU farm policy on the sustainable management of the soil. The roadmap presented by the European Commission do not mention contactors at any stage of the evaluation. However, not only farmers are...

  • Terra Humana Ltd. (Sweden)
    4 August 2019 Company/business organisation
    Terra Humana Ltd. (Sweden)

    Thank you for the consultation opportunity. One of the most important impacts on sustainable management of the soil is the quality and quantity of the input fertilisers to maintain economical food production in the agri sector. In this context the negative impacts of the chemosynthetic mineral fertilisers highlighted, most importantly the Cadmium and Uranium contaminated mineral phosphate, which is mainly imported critical raw material as of...

  • Senior Corporate Silver Spoon Environment & Nature Association (Hungary)
    3 August 2019 Non-governmental organisation (NGO)
    Senior Corporate Silver Spoon Environment & Nature Association (Hungary)

    Dear European Commission, EU agricultural policy - In order to assess its impact on the sustainable management of soil, I propose the following. The proposal for a directive on soil protection in the European Union is based on the TFEU. based on Article 192 (1). This legal basis is appropriate for the sustainable management of soil linked to the Common Agricultural Policy, because it deals with the protection of the environment. Indeed, the...

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Fourth quarter 2020

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Planned for
Third quarter 2021

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