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Fitness check on public reporting by companies (Accounting Directive, Transparency Directive, Non-financial reporting Directive, Bank Accounts Directive et Insurance Accounts Directive and IAS Regulation)

Directorate-General for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union
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8 February 2018 - 8 March 2018
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Recent feedback

  • Polish Association of Listed Companies (Poland)
    8 March 2018 Company/business organisation

    Polish Association of Listed Companies (Poland)

    Dear Sirs, I would like to present comments on evaluation roadmap for fitness check on public reporting by companies, by the Polish Association of Listed Companies. The Association is an NGO representing ca. 270 companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in Poland, representing ca. 85% of the market capitalization of WSE. 1. We welcome the fitness check with hope that it will bring added value to future regulations amendments and will lead...

  • Deutsches Rechnungslegungs Standards Committee (Germany)
    8 März 2018 Business association

    Deutsches Rechnungslegungs Standards Committee (Germany)

    Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, wir haben folgende Anmerkungen zur Roadmap zum Fitness check on public reporting by companies: A. Aus unserer Sicht ist es notwendig, Redundanzen in den Berichtspflichten abzubauen bzw. zu vermeiden. Dazu zwei Beispiele: 1. Die Meldepflicht von Finanzinstituten (FINREP) an Aufsichtsbehörden basiert auf einer anderen Taxonomie als dies zukünftig nach den Vorschlägen der European Security and Markets Authority ...

  • Anonymous (Austria)
    8 March 2018 Company/business organisation

    Anonymous (Austria)

    We highly welcome the initiative on reviewing the reporting requirements for financial institutions! It is reasonable that public reporting is more demanding for this sector than for other sectors. Nevertheless, reporting requirements in the financial sector reached a point where they are perceived as too costly and burdensome especially for small entities. We would like to draw your attention especially onto the Solvency II reporting: The...

  • CDP Worldwide (Europe) gGmbH (Germany)
    8 March 2018 Non-governmental organisation (NGO)

    CDP Worldwide (Europe) gGmbH (Germany)

    CDP Europe is a subsidiary and part of CDP Worldwide, an international non-profit that drives companies and governments to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, safeguard water resources and protect forests. Voted number one climate research provider by investors and working with institutional investors with assets of US$87 trillion, we leverage investor and buyer power to motivate companies to disclose and manage their environmental impacts....

  • International Integrated Reporting Council (United Kingdom)
    8 March 2018 Non-governmental organisation (NGO)

    International Integrated Reporting Council (United Kingdom)

    The International Integrated Reporting Council welcomes the opportunity to provide comment on the Evaluation Roadmap. Please find our specific comments attached.

  • Anonymous (Germany)
    8 March 2018 Business association

    Anonymous (Germany)

    1. German companies actively embrace their responsibility vis-à-vis society and commit well beyond what is required by law. This has a long tradition. The numerous activities and initiatives of German companies at global, European and national level are a concrete expression of this awareness of responsibility. In so doing, companies meet society’s expectations with respect to corporate social responsibility (CSR). They communicate their...

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