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The standard common EU methodology for quantifying food waste is part of the EU action plan for the circular economy (where products are designed to be energy-efficient, long-lasting and recylced as much as possible). It will generate reliable results that can be compared over time and between different EU countries. The methodology will describe the data to be collected and may also include minimum quality requirements for the data to be reported.

Food safety, Public health
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07 March 2019 - 04 April 2019 (midnight Brussels time)
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  • Smart Waste Portugal (Portugal)
    4 April 2019 Other
    Smart Waste Portugal (Portugal)

    Our contribution to the Commisssion Delegated Decision about establishing a common methodology and minimum quality requirements for the uniform measurement of levelsof food waste generated in Member States, that supplementing Directive 2008/98/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards a common methodology and minimum quality requirements for the uniform measurement of levels of food waste generated in Member States

  • France Nature Environnement (France)
    4 April 2019 Environmental organisation
    France Nature Environnement (France)

    We commend the Commission’s recognition of food waste as an urgent issue which needs to be addressed to ensure environmental sustainability – and the obligation on member states to measure food waste is an excellent step in this direction. However, we are concerned that food that is ploughed back in or left to rot in fields has been excluded from EU measurement. Between 11-34% of EU’s food waste occurs at primary production level, and the...

  • Confederazione Nazionale Coldiretti (Italy)
    4 Aprile 2019 Company/business organisation
    Confederazione Nazionale Coldiretti (Italy)

    CONTESTO DELL'ATTO DELEGATO In generale, vengono utilizzate espressioni che affermano, con una presunzione assoluta, che dalla produzione primaria (tra le altre attività) si generano spreco alimentare e impatto ambientale. Diversamente, bisogna precisare che impatto e spreco non sono automaticamente riconducibili alla produzione primaria, ma sono legati a comportamenti non virtuosi e non sostenibili. Nel dettaglio: - Occorre modificare la...

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Adopted on
03 May 2019
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