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  • International Center for Migration Policy Development - ICMPD (Belgium)
    5 March 2018 Other
    International Center for Migration Policy Development - ICMPD (Belgium)

    ICMPD offers the following observations towards the development of a reinforced migration module within a new EU-India strategy (see attached PDF for more details): 1- In spite of established frameworks for dialogue (such as the Common Agenda on Migration and Mobility signed in 2016 and the High-level Working Group on Migration and Mobility), progress has been slow and its full potential under-utilized. 2 - A new EU-India strategy through...

  • Anonymous (India)
    5 March 2018 Company/business organisation
    Anonymous (India)

    We recommend Indian government should take relevant steps and support foreign investors in India by removing restriction on intercompany debt, open External Commercial Borrowings to the retail sector, and increase Foreign Portfolio Investment limits. Indian government should take further steps to allow foreign investors 8-10 years or more in India for complying with local sourcing norms. Indian government under its initiative of ease...

  • The Brewers of Europe (Belgium)
    5 March 2018 Business association
    The Brewers of Europe (Belgium)

    The Brewers of Europe expresses support for a stronger and deeper partnership between the European Union and India. Such partnership must be founded on the values of democracy, the respect for human rights and pluralism and the sustainable development goals. It is believed that such new and more profound collaboration will equally open opportunities across South Asia, given India’s substantial influence in the region due its size, comparative...

  • CUTS International (India)
    5 March 2018 Consumer organisation
    CUTS International (India)

    Comments by CUTS International on EU Strategy on India focussing on India-EU Trade and Investment. Some of the major areas for trade and investment related cooperation between India and EU can be – (a); logistics; (b) infrastructure; and (c) trade of capital goods. For details please refer to the attachement.

  • Ghent University (Belgium)
    4 March 2018 Academic/research institution
    Ghent University (Belgium)

    Please see the note attached.

  • Anonymous (India)
    4 March 2018 Non-EU citizen
    Anonymous (India)

    The roadmap regarding the Joint Communication on India is a worthy effort. India's GDP as a share of the world's has almost tripled since 1991, and it is now the third largest contributor to global growth after China and the United States. It will soon have the world's largest population and the world's largest workforce, and in the coming year will surpass the UK and France to have the world's fifth largest economy. It is also a diverse...

  • RAJAN RAMAN (India)
    3 March 2018 Non-EU citizen
    RAJAN RAMAN (India)

    Attached is the relevant portion of the traffic accident statistics published by the National Crime Records Bureau, India. The statistics present a grim picture of road and rail accident deaths that occurred annually during the period 2011-2015 (later statistics not yet available). These accident deaths continue to occur every year due to non-availability of medical intervention during the 'golden hour'. Similarly, deaths occur in the...

  • Anonymous (India)
    2 March 2018 Non-governmental organisation (NGO)
    Anonymous (India)

    1)Making trade benefit workers The European Union needs to foster its value based approach when negotiation a free trade agreement with India. Decent Work in global supply or value chains (GVC) is a key element when discussing how to make trade benefit all. Because the asymmetric power relationship in GVC leads to downward pressure on wages and working conditions, the experiences in many countries have shown how workers’ rights are being...

  • ACTED (India)
    2 March 2018 Non-governmental organisation (NGO)
    ACTED (India)

    The suggested roadmap for a renewed partnership strategy between the EU and India is comprehensive and identified key areas of cooperation, where India could benefit from the EU’s expertise and vice-versa. Beyond commercial and defense cooperation, development cooperation should be a key element of the upcoming EU strategy. In particular, ACTED considers the following elements to be key for the EU’s future strategy in India: • While urban...

  • GLRA (India)
    14 February 2018 Non-governmental organisation (NGO)
    GLRA (India)

    From the civil society perception, the new EU-India road map should be focused in improving accessible public health system specially in rural & tribal locations to reach the dream of affordable Health For All, Vocational skills for youths and women in non-formal techniques relevant to his/her living conditions, and create and sustain resources for safe drinking water and improved sanitation besides humanitarian aid measures. The benefit...