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The evaluation will examine the impact of the trade-related rules in the EU-Central America Association Agreement, signed in 2013 with all 6 countries in the region (Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and Salvador).

It will focus on economic, social, environmental and human rights impacts, aiming to draw lessons for the future implementation of the agreement.

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13 May 2019 - 30 August 2019 (midnight Brussels time)

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  • Syndicat du Sucre de la Réunion (France)
    10 juin 2019 Business association
    Syndicat du Sucre de la Réunion (France)

    L’UE ne doit plus consentir des contingents d’importation à droit nul pour des produits tropicaux tels que les sucres spéciaux de canne, sans analyse préalable de l’impact de ses concessions commerciales sur les productions communautaires équivalentes, qui n’existent que dans les RUP. Aujourd’hui, compte tenu des concessions importantes et récentes accordées à de nouveaux pays tiers sur le marché des sucres spéciaux (ACP-PMA, Vietnam…), la...

  • APEB (Belgium)
    10 June 2019 Business association
    APEB (Belgium)

    The Association of European Banana Producers (APEB) believes that in order to assess the economic impact of Trade Agreements, it is necessary to consider the entire EU trade policy which has, in recent years, significantly eroded the benefits generated by the European banana sector. Their situation could be further deteriorated by the disappearance of custom tariffs applied to Latin American producers in the coming years. Market condition...

    26 mai 2019 Company/business organisation

    L'échange commerciale entre l'Europe et l'Amérique centrale doit être réglementé, les produits devront respecter les normes sanitaires européennes

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Fourth quarter 2019

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Planned for
Fourth quarter 2020

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