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  • EUROALLIAGES (Belgium)
    23 November 2018 Business association
    EUROALLIAGES (Belgium)

    EUROALLIAGES is the European association of ferro-alloys and silicon producers. It represent more than 95% of the sector in the EEA. The European ferro-alloys and silicon industry is highly affected by the EU ETS, both directly and indirectly, and therefore takes great interest in the drafting of the future free allocation rules. EUROALLIAGES' members would like to emphasise the need for the future free allocation rules post-2020 to avoid...

  • COGEN Europe - The European Association for the Promotion of Cogeneration (Belgium)
    23 November 2018 Business association
    COGEN Europe - The European Association for the Promotion of Cogeneration (Belgium)

    COGEN Europe asks that the heat benchmark update foreseen in Phase IV maintains the Phase III approach and methodology to account for CHP heat emissions, to ensure comparability between the two phases and reflect actual observed improvements in the carbon efficiency of heat. This would ensure that the heat benchmark update is not based merely on a change in methodology, which may result in penalising best available technologies like CHP and...

  • Anonym (Italy)
    23 November 2018 Company/business organisation
    Anonym (Italy)

    About the Draft on the Free Allocation Rules, we would like to remark that: 1) the May 30th deadline should be postponed because Italian Operators excluded as Small Emitters subject to equivalent measures (see Art. 27 Dir. 2003/87/EC) must submit verified data by May 31st each year, so 2018 data will be not available on May 30th. We suggest July 30th as a more affordable deadline. 2) Art.15 Par. 7 "For the purposes of the determination of...

  • Starch Europe (France)
    23 November 2018 Trade union
    Starch Europe (France)

    We note that the Commission proposal for FAR outlines the methodology for the update of the fall-back (heat and fuel) benchmarks based on the data collection to take place in 2019, collecting data for years 2016-2017. Starch Europe is concerned that the results of the data collection will be compared to a proxy approach used in 2008 (use of the Energy Efficiency Directive Harmonised Reference Value for heat production). This is expected to...

  • Inge Ferchow (Germany)
    23 November 2018 EU citizen
    Inge Ferchow (Germany)

    The emissions trading scheme (ETS) is the cornerstone of the EU to reduce its emissions of greenhouse gases. To achieve the agreement of Paris it is necessary that all nations reduce their emissions as well as that the reduction rate will increase. One of the barrier for the low reduction rate in the EU ETS is the risk of carbon leakage. This risk could be eliminated if other nations also implement an emission trading system comparable in...

  • Staedtische Werke Energie und Waerme GmbH (Germany)
    23 November 2018 Company/business organisation
    Staedtische Werke Energie und Waerme GmbH (Germany)

    Anbei finden Sie die im Kreis einiger Stadtwerke abgestimmte Rückmeldung, welcher wir uns voll und ganz anschließen.

  • Anonym (Spain)
    23 Noviembre 2018 Business association
    Anonym (Spain)

    Se considera que las reglas de asignación gratuita conllevan una importante carga administrativa para las instalaciones afectadas. La cantidad de documentación a generar, procedimientos, evaluación de riesgos, o evaluación de incertidumbres y una nueva verificación de toda la documentación supondrá un coste importante para las pequeñas instalaciones. Entendemos deben introducirse medidas que simplifiquen la solicitud de asignación de las...

  • Wirtschaftsministerium Bremen (Germany)
    23 November 2018 Public authority
    Wirtschaftsministerium Bremen (Germany)

    Siehe Anlage.

  • UK Steel (United Kingdom)
    23 November 2018 Business association
    UK Steel (United Kingdom)

    UK Steel the trade association for the UK steel industry. It represents all the country’s steelmakers and a large number of downstream steel processers. This submission focuses specifically on the impacts the draft FAR would have on integrated steel sites. In particular, we are seeking the following: - To revert to the existing treatment of waste gases re-used as fuel for downstream processes, as had been agreed by the expert group. - To...

  • Dutch Emissions Authority (Netherlands)
    23 November 2018 Public authority
    Dutch Emissions Authority (Netherlands)

    In Annex IV of the Free allocation rules, section 3 states that the data for the benchmark update for product benchmarks should contain (among other things): "Attributed emissions with the exception of emissions linked to the import of measurable heat from other sub-installations, installations or entities". Similar requirements are included in section 3.2 and 3.3 for the heat benchmark and the fuel benchmark (""Emissions attributed to the...