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04 October 2018 - 01 November 2018

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  • Anonymous (Portugal)
    21 October 2018 EU citizen
    Anonymous (Portugal)

    There's scientific evidence enough to support the recomendation of keeping the ingestion of trans fat to the lowest possible. Although people are free to make their own choices, large part of the population does not care about these issues and/or don't have the knowledge to make good decisions, thus the need for guidance. By themselves (most) people will not change their diet unless there's a great proximity to mortality (sometimes when it's...

  • stephane poulain (France)
    18 octobre 2018 EU citizen
    stephane poulain (France)

    Une liste exhaustive des acides gras trans concernés serait la bienvenue si l'on veut contrôler les produits.

  • João LEITE (Portugal)
    18 October 2018 EU citizen
    João LEITE (Portugal)

    The Universidade Fernando Pessoa Nutritional Sciences Course final year students supports the limit of trans fatty acids (TFA) on processed foods. Based on current scientific evidence it is expected this initiative will have an impact on public health and reduce cardiovascular mortality in the EU by limiting trans fatty acids content in processed foods across the EU and adjusting TFA intakes. In particular, the group of consumers that...

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