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In the product design requirements, the SVM (Stroboscopic Visibility Measure) is used as a measure of stroboscopic effects. The SVM is the most important part for the measurement of light flicker at 100 Hz. The weighting curve anchored in the SVM formula (see [1] CIE-TN-006:2016, page 14) is based on an SVM value of 1.0. This was estimated to represent the visibility threshold for an average observer. Accordingly, this value was also accepted as the limit value requirement for the product design of LED lamps. In the Annex - Ares(2018)5145935/1-6, the SVM value for stroboscopic effects has been raised from previously 1.0 to now 1.6.
Page 6, ANNEX I, (47):
"The metric for the stroboscopic effect used in the SVM (Stroboscopic Visibility Measure) SVM = 1 represents the visibility threshold for an average observer;"
Page 12, ANNEX II, Table 4 - Functional requirements for light sources:
"Stroboscopic effect for LED and OLED MLS: SVM ≤ 1.6 at full-load"

The reason for that was due to a submission by NEMA 77 (US National Electrical Manufacturers Association) in February 2018 via .
Perhaps this contribution has been made without knowing about the consequences in terms of compatibility for humans. It is well known, that magnetically ballasted fluorescent lamps with SVM = 1.3 already cause headaches and eyestrain.
The attached document ([2] also published on the EuP network webpage) shows what the requirement SVM = 1.6 means, and what quality of lamps corresponds to it. The document depicts comparisons of SVM values ​​of incandescent light bulb, magnetically ballasted fluorescent lamps, and LED lamps in the market with SVM = 1.6 performed.

Accordingly, it is strongly advised to lower the SVM limit from currently 1.6 back to the originally intended value of 1.0.

[1] CIE-TN-006:2016 files.cie.co.at/883_CIE_TN_006-2016.pdf
[2] https://www.eup-network.de/fileadmin/user_upload/Lichtquellen_Diskussion...

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