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The Regulation sets labelling requirements for lighting products on a scale from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient), helping consumers to choose the most energy efficient appliances. The energy labels will also provide other important information such as the energy consumption.

Climate action, Energy
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Delegated regulation
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Inception impact assessment
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Feedback period
26 January 2018 - 23 February 2018 (midnight Brussels time)
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  • Richard Green (United States)
    23 February 2018 Non-EU citizen
    Richard Green (United States)

    A critical property of the spectral output of LED solid-state lighting is the blue light content. As summarized in the article by Zielinska-Dabkowska attached to the contribution by Galadi-Enriquez, artificial blue light at night is a threat to human health, disruptive to nocturnal processes, and its locally produced glare blocks access to a view of the night sky. Eco-friendly design would use only the minimum amount of blue light required...

  • Topten International Services (France)
    23 February 2018 Non-governmental organisation (NGO)
    Topten International Services (France)

    Our views on the Commission’s proposal are summarised in the attached paper: https://goo.gl/NSvjpG We are in favour of Option 5 because Ecodesign & Energy Labelling requirements for lighting help mitigate climate change and help EU citizens save on their bills, and we strongly support the efforts made by the Commission intention to better integrate lighting in a Circular Economy, notably by introducing requirements on the removability of...

  • LightingEurope (Belgium)
    23 February 2018 Business association
    LightingEurope (Belgium)

    LightingEurope, representing the lighting industry in Europe, would like to thank the European Commission for the opportunity to contribute to the Impact Assessment on the energy labelling legislative review for light sources. We understand that the Commission’s proposals will introduce important changes compared to the current legislation. We understand that the Commission will propose to discontinue energy labelling of luminaires,...

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Public consultation

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Feedback period
13 February 2018 - 07 May 2018 (midnight Brussels time)
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Draft act

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Draft delegated regulation
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Feedback period
09 October 2018 - 06 November 2018 (midnight Brussels time)
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  • ZVEI - German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association (Germany)
    6 November 2018 Business association
    ZVEI - German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association (Germany)

    The Lighting Division in ZVEI -German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association thanks the European Commission for the opportunity to comment on the proposed review of energy labelling requirements for lighting products. We fully support the LightingEurope (LE) proposal: LE welcomes the discontinuation of the label for luminaires, as we believe that it does not provide any relevant information when evaluating a luminaire and has no...

  • CLASP Europe (Belgium)
    6 November 2018 Non-governmental organisation (NGO)
    CLASP Europe (Belgium)

    Dear DG ENER - please see attached comment from CLASP Europe in the attached PDF file. Thank you.

  • BEUC and ANEC (Belgium)
    6 November 2018 Consumer organisation
    BEUC and ANEC (Belgium)

    We welcome the intention of the European Commission to provide a more coherent regulatory environment for lighting products, and therefore support the draft Ecodesign and Energy Labelling regulations. On the Energy label specifically, we propose the following recommendations to improve the draft: - As stated by the new Energy labelling framework, one should aim at displaying the rescaled label both in shops and online by ~ the end of 2019. We...

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Commission adoption


Delegated regulation
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Adopted on
11 March 2019
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