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  • Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine (France)
    11 octobre 2018 Public authority
    Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine (France)

    Dans le cadre de l’évaluation du règlement RTE-T 1315/2013/EU et concernant la structure géographique du réseau, la Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine souhaite attirer l’attention de la Commission européenne sur la situation du port atlantique de La Rochelle, actuellement inscrit dans le réseau global. Le port de La Rochelle est l’un des sept Grands ports maritimes (GPM) français, il a la particularité d’être le seul port de la façade atlantique en eau...

  • Brest métropole (France)
    11 October 2018 Public authority
    Brest métropole (France)

    La révision du RTE-T est un sujet primordial pour Brest métropole et les acteurs de l’ouest breton en France. L’amélioration de l’accessibilité de nos territoires atlantiques est une priorité de 1er rang. C’est pourquoi Brest métropole salue l’initiative présente et confirme son engagement à contribuer aux prochaines consultations décrites dans l’ « evaluation roadmap », notamment celle dont le lancement est annoncée à partir de novembre 2018...

  • Office of the Marshal of the Pomorskie Voivodeship (Poland)
    11 October 2018 Public authority
    Office of the Marshal of the Pomorskie Voivodeship (Poland)

    Changes in the geographical structure of TEN-T should be guided by the principle of parity of individual corridors to a greater extent than at present, without favouring one of the corridors at the expense of others. In the current situation, corridors located in central Europe have priority with better access to various remote markets than those located on the outskirts. For example, Orient/East-Med. and Scandinavian-Mediterranean Corridors...

  • Spanish Government Commissioner for the Mediterranean Corridor (Spain)
    11 October 2018 Public authority
    Spanish Government Commissioner for the Mediterranean Corridor (Spain)

    We send you the report and our opinion in English. Yesterday we sent the information in Spanish language. Thank you a lot. Spanish Government Commissioner for the Mediterranean Corridor ADIF-Ministerio de Fomento Spain

  • Société du Grand Paris (France)
    11 October 2018 Public authority
    Société du Grand Paris (France)

    The Regulation N° 1315/2013 on Union Guidelines for the development of the TEN-T network has transformed the existing patchwork of EU transport modes into an integrated network encompassing all Member States. It has given the EU transport policy a clear long term vision and pattern; it has also set up different crucial priorities such as research and innovation and urban nodes. For instance, the TEN-T guidelines formalize the role of urban...

  • Spanish Government Commissioner for the Mediterranean Corridor (Spain)
    10 Octubre 2018 Public authority
    Spanish Government Commissioner for the Mediterranean Corridor (Spain)

    El Corredor Mediterráneo español forma parte del Corredor Mediterráneo europeo, parte de la Red de Transporte Transeuropea (RTE o TEN-T en inglés). Este Corredor, a su paso por España, dispone de una Oficina de Coordinación e impulso de obras y servicios. El documento que se adjunta es una respuesta detallada de la opinión de esta Oficina y de su Coordinador, Mr Josep Boira, en respuesta a la solicitud de evaluación por pare de la Comisión de...

  • anonimowo (Finland)
    10 October 2018 Company/business organisation
    anonimowo (Finland)

    Oct 10th 2018 Enabling the efficient access to the Arctic by including the Finnish twin-port Oulu-Raahe in TEN-T core network In order to smoothen the internal market and to strengthen economic, social and territorial cohesion strategically most important traffic networks and corridors should cover the essential areas and hubs from the EU point of view. The EU is highly depended on the import of raw materials which in the future are more and...

  • Dan Ion Oprea (Romania)
    20 September 2018 EU citizen
    Dan Ion Oprea (Romania)

    Thank you for the opportunity to share the view. I am following the evolution in Trans European Network since 1995 and, in my view, it gets more and more comprehensive and resources related. I remarked in the Regulation (EU) Nr. 1315/2013 art. 50, which I consider to be the key in reading the prospective plans and financial projects as for 2035. Maybe a more related approach among social aspects, environment commitments and European transport...

  • anonimowo (Hungary)
    19 September 2018 EU citizen
    anonimowo (Hungary)

    The aim of the existing Regulation (EU) N° 1315/2013 is perfect. However, it is not so easy to follow. In my view: 1. Please compile and attach a sort of Handbook that can help to better understand the objectives and the related measures. 2. The above booklet is important to have, moreover regular communication also important at least on 2 different channels, one for the professionals and one for the ordinary citizens. 3. What regards the...

  • Sven AERTS (Belgium)
    18 September 2018 EU citizen
    Sven AERTS (Belgium)

    We ask loyalty, involvement to organisations and people below us. Wouldn't it be a good sign to lead by example and be loyal to UN related efforts? We give a lot of input to that level by the way, so just about all that's being done/published must align 99.9% of what we're setting out at EU level. I have very good feedback when I link-back to Agenda21, the 17#GlobalGoals and the UN Calendar of Observances. With all due respect, but Brussels...