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This initiative will introduce an enabling regulatory framework within the EU prudential framework for the development of sovereign bond-backed securities which would reflect their specificities

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Inception impact assessment
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Feedback period
23 January 2018 - 20 February 2018
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  • Research Center SAFE at Goethe University Frankfurt (Germany)
    20 February 2018 Academic/research institution
    Research Center SAFE at Goethe University Frankfurt (Germany)

    Please find the comment in the attachment.

  • Anonymous (Malta)
    20 February 2018 Public authority
    Anonymous (Malta)

    Commission Public Consultation: Inception Impact Assessment on SBBS Context and problem definition The Commission Inception Impact Assessment (IIA) states that Sovereign Bond Backed Securities (SBBS) could facilitate diversification of banks’ sovereign exposures and thus further weaken the bank-sovereign nexus, further stating that the former proved to be a key vulnerability in the euro area debt crisis. Nevertheless, this gives the wrong...

  • Banco Santander (Spain)
    20 February 2018 Company/business organisation
    Banco Santander (Spain)

    Santander has always support the European Banking Union. Since the financial crisis, important steps have been achieved and risk reduction measures are being implemented. This has already helped reducing financial fragmentation and the sovereign-bank link. However, some important risk sharing measures are still to be implemented. The EDIS is the missing piece to complete the Banking Union. o In order to attain a fully integrated EU financial...

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Commission adoption

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Proposal for a regulation
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Adopted on
24 May 2018
Feedback period
24 May 2018 - 24 August 2018
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Download (278.3 KB - PDF - 3 pages)
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Feedback (7)

  • Italian Banking Association (Italy)
    24 Agosto 2018 Business association
    Italian Banking Association (Italy)

    ABI welcomes the opportunity offered by the European Commission to provide its position on the proposed regulation on SBBS. In principle, ABI believes that the proposal to create a liquid instrument useful to promote risk diversification for investors in public securities, as in the Commission's intentions, can be shared, despite the fact that there is no sharing of fiscal responsibilities among the Eurozone countries. ABI also believes that...

  • Anonymous (Malta)
    24 August 2018 Public authority
    Anonymous (Malta)

    There are concerns to be raised with respect to the Sovereign Bond Backed Securities (SBBS) proposal and the accompanying Impact Assessment. The introduction of SBBS may not necessarily play in favour of smaller Member States in facilitating access to international sovereign debt markets. Indeed, there are specificities that may actually: 1) Hinder smaller Member States to tap the SBBS instrument, thus also hindering their access to debt...

  • German Banking Industry Committee (GBIC) (Germany)
    24 August 2018 Company/business organisation
    German Banking Industry Committee (GBIC) (Germany)

    Making the European Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) more stable and crisis-proof is one of Europe’s priority policy objectives. The further integration and diversification of the European financial sector is a significant aspect of this. That is because better risk diversification and cushioning by the capital markets could make the EMU overall more resilient. The completion of the Banking Union and the Capital Markets Union are therefore...

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