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The purpose of the evaluation is to analyse to what extent the current EU legislation on design protection has achieved its objectives in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, relevance, coherence and EU added value, and it shall provide clear indications of the degree to which that legislation is still considered to be fit for purpose.

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03 July 2018 - 31 July 2018 (midnight Brussels time)
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  • German Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (GRUR) (Germany)
    31 July 2018 Non-governmental organisation (NGO)
    German Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (GRUR) (Germany)

    Dear Sir or Madam, Please note the attached file "GRUR considerations & enclosure_Evaluation of EU legislation on design protection-final", in which the German Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (GRUR) has compiled their input to the online consultation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the GRUR Head Office (contact: Sandra von Lingen, Senior Manager International Affairs & Publicaions,...

  • ACEA (Belgium)
    31 July 2018 Company/business organisation
    ACEA (Belgium)

    The European automobile manufacturers believe that the review of this Directive should in no way lead to the removal of design rights for spare parts that exist in the EU today. In our view, abolishing such rights would: - Deprive an innovative industry of a proper return on its investment Vehicle manufacturers design, develop, engineer and test vehicles and parts. They set up a complex logistics and distribution system for their products and...

  • Belron International Ltd. (Germany)
    30 July 2018 Company/business organisation
    Belron International Ltd. (Germany)

    1. The Belron Group of Companies ("Belron"), operating in the EU under the CARGLASS(r) trademark, is involved in the business of vehicle glass repair and replacement ("VGRR") and since 2 years in 3 EU countries also in vehicle accident repair and replacement ("ADRR"). Belron operates in 35 countries, generates with 28,000 employees (14,000 employees working in the EU) a turnover of nearly EUR 4 Billion. 2. The design protection laws in the EU...

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Feedback: closed
Feedback period
18 December 2018 - 30 April 2019 (midnight Brussels time)
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Second quarter 2019

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