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With 1.6 million members, Coldiretti is the main agricultural organization in Italy and across Europe, representing the absolute majority of Italian farmers.

Coldiretti considers that the draft implementing regulation laying down rules for the application of Article 26(3) of Regulation (EU) N° 1169/2011 is not giving an answer to the requests of citizens for a total transparency through the mandatory labelling of origin of food. This draft is not even sufficiently ambitious to solve the problem of informing without misleading on the real origin of the primary ingredient when different from the one given for the main product. Being a voluntary system, we ask the European Commission to give much less flexibility in order to reduce derogation and improve consistency of the label.

The specific mention of what is meant by “given origin” – namely statements, terms, pictorial presentations or symbols - is no longer included in the draft implementing act and therefore it must be reintroduced. Moreover, the derogation for registered trademarks and geographical indications is unjustified and it should be removed from the scope of the draft. An enhanced coherence between the extent of geographical details provided for the origin of the food and the extent of details provided for the origin of the primary ingredient is necessary and should be granted as mandatory.

The consumers’ right to receive detailed and clear information cannot be jeopardized. The implementing act should constitute an incentive to this objective, while rewarding those producers willing to provide transparent information. The extreme flexibility of the draft might constitute a threat to the achievement of a fair kind of information, as it provides for a tool that might be used as an unfair trade practice to mislead consumers.

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