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The United Kingdom is part of the North Sea – Mediterranean transport corridor. Subject to any transitional arrangement, as of the date of its withdrawal from the EU, the United Kingdom will no longer be part of the corridor. Therefore, there is a need to revise the alignment of the corridor in order to ensure a continuous connection between the section located in Ireland and the section in the Continental EU.

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Proposal for a regulation


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28 June 2018 - 12 July 2018
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  • Union des Ports de France (France)
    12 July 2018 Business association
    Union des Ports de France (France)

    Union des Ports de France, the French ports association, shares the opinion of the European Commission that the alignment of the North Sea Mediterranean (NSM) corridor needs to be revised due to the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU as from March 2019 combined to the complexity to reach any transitional arrangement that may be contained in a possible withdrawal arrangement. While 80% of the Irish road freight that reaches mainland...

  • SNCF (France)
    12 July 2018 Company/business organisation
    SNCF (France)

    SNCF thanks the European Commission for the opportunity to give feedback. SNCF's contribution can be found in the attached document.

  • Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (France)
    12 July 2018 Non-governmental organisation (NGO)
    Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (France)

    The Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions welcomes the initiative of the European Commission to propose the alignment of the North Sea Mediterranean (NSM) corridor to answer the gaps generated by the withdraw of the United Kingdom as from March 2019. It is of outmost importance that this alignment enhances Ireland's connectivity with continental EU. While a large share of the Irish road freight reaching continental Europe passes through...

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Commission adoption

Feedback: open

Proposal for a regulation
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Adopted on
01 August 2018
Feedback period
01 August 2018 - 26 September 2018

The Commission would like to hear your views.

Adopted acts are open for feedback for a minimum period of 8 weeks. All feedback received will be summarised by the European Commission and presented to the European Parliament and Council with the aim of feeding into the legislative debate. Feedback received will be published on this site and therefore must adhere to the feedback rules

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Feedback (8)

  • FGTE-CFDT (France)
    25 septembre 2018 Trade union
    FGTE-CFDT (France)

    AVIS DE LA CFDT par la Fédération Générale des Transports et de l'environnement et Union régionale interprofessionnelle des Hauts de France. La FGTE-CFDT reconnait l'importance stratégique du développement d'un réseau européen d'infrastructures de transport au travers des corridors du réseau central définis dans le règlement sur le mécanisme pour l'interconnexion de l'Europe-MIE (UE n°1316/2013).Ces corridors contribuent à l'intégration...

  • Cluster Maritime Français (France)
    25 septembre 2018 Non-governmental organisation (NGO)
    Cluster Maritime Français (France)

    A nos yeux, les circonstances exceptionnelles présentées par le Brexit demandent une réponse exceptionnelle. Un réexamen de la situation des ports appartenant aujourd’hui au réseau global en vue de leur intégration à un corridor s’impose, sans attendre la révision du règlement 1315/2013 en 2023, soit dans 5 ans ! Il est crucial d’anticiper cette échéance, qui avait été fixée dans un contexte où le retrait du Royaume-Uni n’était pas à l’agenda....

  • Anonymous (France)
    25 September 2018 Company/business organisation
    Anonymous (France)

    CCIMBO (Chambre de commerce et d’industrie métropolitaine Bretagne ouest) , port operator of the ports of Brest and Roscoff acting jointly in their development and investments for a better connection in Europe already contributed to the first consultation ended on July 12th, 2018. As already mentioned Brest and Roscoff is a port system linked to Ireland with the shorter sea distance that gives a sailing of 14 hours to Cork and 17 hours to...

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