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One of the best way to link Ireland to the mainland by-passing UK is via the Britton ports of Brest/Roscoff. Today there are already daily services to and from Ireland. Once these ports reached, it would be easy to connect to Lyon-Turin thanks to Via Atlantica which could link Atlantic corridor to Mediterranean corridor at the Lyon-Turin entrance. That's why Atlantic corridor should be extended to Brest to strenghten this itinerary which by-passes Ile de France and its congestion.

That's why it's important to integrate the missing link between Lyon and the Atlantic coast which could create Via Atlantica, a true east-west european rail link, freight and passengers. The 2023 TEN-T revision should provide this opportunity.

The present lack of a complete east-west european axis is damaging for the environnement and for the economy as a whole. It lenghtens the mileage using more energy being gas-guzzling and increases greenhouse gaz emissions.

It offers too the opportunity to distract some trafics from the Northern Europe bottlenecks.


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