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Heleen CLAES
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Flemish Department of Mobility and Public Works
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The Flemish Department of Mobility and Public Works recognizes the imminent nature of the problems that the initiative aims to tackle and definitely supports a revision of the alignment of the North Sea Mediterranean corridor. This will be an important step in avoiding that the corridor would be interrupted and that Ireland would no longer be linked with the continental EU.

A direct connection between Ireland and continental EU is an appropriate solution in this context, in line with safeguarding and optimizing the functioning of the internal market. Improving both inland and maritime (including Motorways of the Sea) access to core ports will thus be essential in achieving this.

Furthermore, we advocate the inclusion of Flemish ports in the new alignment of the corridor as part of the new maritime links.

As indicated in the text the envisaged measure represents the only viable policy option to ensure the corridor’s continuity in light of the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the Union.

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