About this consultation

Feedback period
19 November 2018 - 11 February 2019 (midnight Brussels time)
Home affairs, Institutional affairs

Target audience

This consultation targets all citizens (in their personal or professional capacities), as well as all non-government/public/private organisations/entities with an interest in the ECI Directive specifically and the field of critical infrastructure protection more generally. Interested parties may include competent government authorities at state, regional and local level, critical infrastructure operators and other relevant industry stakeholders.

Why we are consulting

The European Critical Infrastructure Protection Directive (2008/114/EC) of 8 December 2008 establishes a procedure for identifying, designating and protecting European Critical Infrastructures (ECI) in the energy and transport sectors. It requires that Member States identify ECI, meaning infrastructures, which, if subjected to disruption or destruction, would have a significant impact on at least two Member States. According to the Directive, measures should be taken to protect designated ECIs, for instance through the creation and regular maintenance of Operator Security Plans (OSPs). The ECI Directive is one pillar of the European Programme for Critical Infrastructure Protection (EPCIP). In 2012, a review of the ECI Directive was carried out. It identified a number of deficiencies, including a limited and in many respects uneven application of the Directive on the part of the Member States and a narrow sectoral scope that was not aligned with the systems approach to critical infrastructure protection used in many Member States. Building on the outcomes of the 2012 review and in light of the conclusions of the 2017 Comprehensive Assessment of EU Security Policy, the Commission recently launched an evaluation of the Directive, which is now ten years old. The evaluation takes account of the heightened threat from terrorism generally, the emergence of new threats in ways that threaten critical infrastructure, and ongoing efforts in response to possible hybrid activities orchestrated by state and non-state actors. With this public consultation, the Commission seeks to gather the views and concerns of all interested citizens and non-governmental/public/private organizations/entities on the ECI Directive. In doing so, the Commission will be able to gauge the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, coherence and EU added value of the Directive in supporting the Member States working to protect critical energy and transport infrastructure throughout Europe.

Responding to the questionnaire

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