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Mozilla is a global community working together to build a better internet. As a mission-driven organization, we are dedicated to promoting openness, innovation, and opportunity online. We are the creators of Firefox, an open source browser that over 70 million Europeans use as their window to the web.

For many years Mozilla has sought to lead the way in developing an internet that promotes human dignity, civil discourse, individual expression and collaborative problem-solving. Our products, policies, and processes embody these principles. In that context, we are uniquely placed to provide thoughtful input in the ongoing discussions in Brussels and beyond on how to manage the harms of illegal content online within a rights-protective framework. Ultimately, illegal content on the web – and substandard policy and industry responses to it – undermine the overall health of the internet and as such, are a core concern for Mozilla.

In the attached paper, we will provide comment on the recently-launched inception impact assessment (IIA), and insight on how the European Commission can develop a robust, future-proof framework for a safe internet experience for European users. We will proceed by firstly providing a clear framing for the policy issue at hand, after which we will provide comment on the positive and problematic substantives of the recent IIA. Finally, we will offer some details that should be considered in the Commission’s ongoing and upcoming policy initiatives around illegal content online. In the short term, we recommend that the European Commission withhold any new regulatory action until its renewed political mandate in 2019 (‘baseline option’), to allow for proper analysis of the effectiveness of ongoing initiatives and to provide greater time to develop an ambitious future-proof framework for tackling illegal content in Europe.

Mozilla will continue to constructively engaging on this initiative and related ones, to ensure the internet remains an empowering and integral part of modern life for all.

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