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Vaccination programmes face common challenges: declining coverage, supply shortages and distrust/fear of possible side effects. A Council Recommendation on vaccination will strengthen cooperation and coordination between Member States, industry and other relevant stakeholders to enhance vaccine policy development; align vaccination schedules and tackle vaccine hesitancy; support vaccine research; and strengthen vaccine supply, procurement and stock management, especially in case of emergency

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04 Prosinec 2017 - 01 Leden 2018
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  • Comitato Liberazione Nazioale Veneto (Italy)
    1 Gennaio 2018 Public authority
    Comitato Liberazione Nazioale Veneto (Italy)

    Tento příspěvek ke zpětné vazbě byl odstraněn na žádost jeho autora nebo proto, že neodpovídal pravidlům Evropské komise pro veřejnou zpětnou vazbu a připomínky.

  • Miranda Zuchowska (Sweden)
    1 januari 2018 EU citizen
    Miranda Zuchowska (Sweden)

    Enligt de mänskliga rättigheterna har varje människa rätt att bestämma över sin egen kropp vilket innefattar medicinering. Vårdnadshavare bestämmer över sina minderåriga barn, inte staten. Vaccin innebär risker som finns listade på bipacksedlarna. Ingen kan garantera att ett barn som vaccineras inte får någon biverkning. Läkemedelsbolagen tar heller inget ansvar för biverkningar. Tvångsvaccinering är därför ett brott mot de mänskliga...

  • Anonymní (Sweden)
    1 January 2018 EU citizen
    Anonymní (Sweden)

    You can not force mandatory vaccines on people it's against human rights and violates their freedom of health choice. And vaccines are not safe and they never will be safe. And as long as the vaccine companies have immunity there never going to be safe vaccines. No one should be forced to inject human cells and animal cells in the body. And toxins like formaldehyde and aluminium or timersal.

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Feedback: CLOSED
Feedback period
21 Prosinec 2017 - 15 Březen 2018
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