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Czech parents suing the Czech state for violation of human rights

There are total of six cases of parents suing the Czech Republic in European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) for violation of theirs and their children's human rights when enforcing mandatory vaccination through fines and oppression measures on them. The cases can be seen here:

Two czech parent associations sent their statements (Amicus curiae) to the ECHR describing the situation in vaccination in Czech republic, these statements can be seen here: and here:

There are other similar cases in Czech Courts now.

Inaccessibility of low-valent or mono-valent vaccines

The number of different vaccines available for children immunization is constantly decreasing and mostly parents have only one option. The reasons for inaccessibility of low-valent or mono-valent vaccines are not transparent and creates mistrust and suspicion toward the vaccine policymakers.

Non-existent compensatory fund for vaccine-injured

The Czech Republic does not have any compensatory fund for children seriously injured by vaccination. It is a huge dishonour for all the vaccine injured children and their families as they are forced to vaccinate their children with no guarantee for compensation when seriously injured by vaccination. For many years Czech parent associations, parents and even some politicians and Supreme Court are calling for establishing such a fund but Czech Ministry of Health disgracefully has not act yet. Even so that in January 2016 the Czech Ministry of Health promised to establish such compensatory fund for vaccine-injured as soon as possible in its statement for ECHR in connection with six cases mentioned above.

Last year parents of seriously vaccine damaged child with several medical records with evidence of vaccine injury applied for a compensation but the Czech Ministry of Health simply dismissed that case! People are very angry as this can happen to a child of parents following the mandated vaccine schedule with confidence and then left to his fate. Parents are requesting compensation by legal action.

Vaccine policymakers with conflicts of interests are not credible

Many czech people and parents especialy are very angry and of huge mistrust in authorities enforcing vaccination with oppression measures. Very often they have conflicts of intrests with pharmaceutical companies. Depreciation and refusal of vaccine injury by most of the pediatricians and health authorities creates an atmosphere of mistrust and some kind of totalitarian dangerous power a parent has to fight with for the sake of his or her child.

Mandatory vaccination has to be abandoned as a relic of totalitarianism. More and more people are concerned with such an apparent violation of human rights no matter if they vaccinate or not.

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