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Czech Republic

Enforcement of mandatory vaccination by oppresion measures is violating human rights

There is mandatory vaccination in the Czech Republic. The government of the Czech Republic enforces the vaccination against 9 diseases through fines and oppression measures against non-vaccinated or not fully vaccinated children. These children are not allowed to attend kindergarten and although vaccination is not required for attending public schools, they are not allowed to attend school camps, summer camps, ski trainings etc. with their schoolmates.

This approach of the Czech state not only violates human right for informed consent and freedom of thought, it disrupts confidence of many czech parents toward pediatricians and vaccination itself and thus many of them vaccinate their children only due to these oppressions. Such vaccination serves only as an act of enforcement and not as an act of confidence in physicians and vaccines.

This is much more obvious with implementation of a mandatory preschool education in 2017. In this school year even partially vaccinated and nonvaccinated children are suddenly allowed to attend kidergarten for preschool education when they turn 5 years old. Any of these children would not be allowed to step into kindergarten until the preschool education was mandated for all 5 year olds regardless their vaccine records. The law in the Czech Republic states that when a school or preschool education is mandatory then the vaccine status of a child is of minor importance. The only ban for school children not complying fully with mandated vaccine schedule is their exclusion from school camps with their schoolmates, ski or other sport trainings and summer camps.

Our policymakers never admited fines and oppression measures for not complying with mandated vaccine schedule are of political nature. They insist these measures to be neccessary for public health and for maintaining herd immunity that protect a vulnerable child. But in face of these measures mentioned above such explanation is completely unjustifiable. When 4-year old unvaccinated child is not allowed to kindergarten and 5-year old is allowed, how can be such explanation sustainable? It is crystal clear now these oppression measures and fines serves only to enforce vaccination for anything else but not for protecting herd immunity.

Our Initiative For Choice ( make efforts to abolish such political sanctions. When there are no reasonably explained reasons backed with scientific evidence for most of mandated vaccines, and when there is apparent breach of the right for informed consent and freedom of thought, these oppression measures and fines for not complying with the mandated vaccine schedule can be seen only as an act of political despotism.

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