About this consultation

Feedback period
11 February 2019 - 6 May 2019 (midnight Brussels time)
Food safety

Target audience

This consultation targets all stakeholders group with an interest in the food contact material legislation.
This includes:
• The general public
• All businesses at any stage of the food contact material supply chain and their European or national representatives
• Non-governmental associations and consumers organisations
• Public authorities, including public enforcement laboratory and regional/local enforcement offices

Why we are consulting

Food contact materials (FCMs) are all materials that come into contact with food including packaging kitchenware and tableware and the materials used in professional food manufacturing, preparation, storage and distribution. It may also include articles which may foreseeably come into contact with food. The legislation on food contact material provides a harmonised legal EU framework for FCMs and sets out the general principles of safety of FCMs, as well as rules on labelling, compliance documentation and on traceability. The legislation on food contact materials provides the basis for securing a high level of protection of human health and the interests of consumers and to ensure the effective functioning of the internal market as regards the placing on the market of FCMs.
This consultation is a part of the European Commission evaluation of the EU legislation on food contact materials. The evaluation aims to assess to what extent the current EU legislative framework for food contact materials is fit for purpose and delivers as expected and to identify any unexpected impacts or issues as a consequence of the current legislation. In addition, the evaluation will show whether the objectives and tools of the FCM legislation are still relevant and coherent.
This consultation aims at gathering the views and evidence from a wide range of stakeholders on the functioning of the FCM legislation, on the requirements that the legislation sets for businesses and public authorities. The feedback received from the consultation will be taken into account in the evaluation. Once the evaluation of the FCM legislation is completed, a synopsis report of all consultation activities will be published.

Responding to the questionnaire

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