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COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) …/... concerning the denial of authorisation of formaldehyde as a feed additive belonging to the functional groups of preservatives and hygiene condition enhancers

Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety
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21 November 2017 - 19 December 2017
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  • Hussein Samantar (Netherlands)
    19 December 2017 EU citizen
    Hussein Samantar (Netherlands)

    Salmonella is a dangerous infection and it's a notifiable disease of public health concern. Formaldehyde is the single most effective way of preventing salmonella. Formaldehyde is in many products such as cigarettes and cosmetics and even used in drug testing. The benefits outweigh the disadvantages. In its purest form it's dangerous that's why it's used in a stable blend in water (called formalin) for most uses and why the right safety...

  • Anonymous (United Kingdom)
    19 December 2017 EU citizen
    Anonymous (United Kingdom)

    As a research scientist with 20 years of experience in the field of microbiology, it is my own view that any decision on formaldehyde approval should be based on considered scientific opinions from reputable institutes such as SCOEL and EFSA.

  • Anonymous (Poland)
    19 Grudzień 2017 EU citizen
    Anonymous (Poland)

    W ostatnich dniach ukazał się wspólny raport Europejskiego Centrum ds. Zapobiegania i Kontroli Chorób (ECDC) oraz Europejskiego Urzędu ds. Bezpieczeństwa Żywności (EFSA) informujący o wzroście liczby przypadków zakażenia bakteriami Salmonella w Unii Europejskiej. W sumie w 2016 roku wykryto w Unii Europejskiej wykryto 94 530 przypadków tej choroby wśród ludzi. W Polsce według danych Narodowego Instytutu Zdrowia Publicznego – Państwowego...

  • American Feed Industry Association (United States)
    19 December 2017 Other
    American Feed Industry Association (United States)

    The American Feed Industry Association (AFIA), based in Arlington, Va., is the world’s largest organization devoted exclusively to representing the business, legislative and regulatory interests of the U.S. animal food industry and its suppliers. Founded in 1909 as the American Feed Manufacturers Association, the name changed to the American Feed Industry Association in 1985 to recognize the importance of all types of companies involved in the...

  • Gill Porter (United Kingdom)
    19 December 2017 EU citizen
    Gill Porter (United Kingdom)

    As an EU citizen who has suffered enteric disease the importance of salmonella control must not be underestimated. I support a science based decision and believe formaldehyde should be available to protect food

  • Waterlife Research Ind. Ltd (United Kingdom)
    19 December 2017 Company/business organisation
    Waterlife Research Ind. Ltd (United Kingdom)

    I support the continued use of formaldehyde as a feed additive and look forward to a decision based on science.

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