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Paul Massey
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UK Crowdfunding Association
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United Kingdom

The UK is widely recognised as the European, and a global leader, in investment based crowdfunding and peer 2 peer lending. Both sectors are achieving growth in the UK facilitated by the regulatory framework put in place by the Financial Conduct Authority. The FCA introduced its Crowdfunding Regulations in March 2014. This regulatory framework has sought to support the emergence of crowdfunding, recognising its role in filling gaps left by more traditional types of finance such as banks.

The UK has demonstrated a strong track record in creating a framework that balances the need to raise finance, alongside investor protection. As such, the UK's model can be a useful and workable framework across the EU, benefitting Capital Markets Union and cross-border investment.

The UKCFA's full response to the Initial Impact Assessment is attached and members of the UKCFA are available to consult further as required.

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