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This initiative focuses on the fairness of platform-to-business (P2B) trading practices in the online platform economy.
Online platforms play an unprecedented role in facilitating the creation and development of market opportunities, including for SMEs. At the same time, platforms have become key routes to information, content and online trading. Many (small) businesses increasingly depend on platforms to access their markets.

Digital economy and society
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Inception impact assessment
More about roadmaps.

Feedback period
25 October 2017 - 22 November 2017 (midnight Brussels time)
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Commission adoption

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Proposal for a regulation
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Adopted on
26 April 2018
Feedback period
26 April 2018 - 29 June 2018 (midnight Brussels time)
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Feedback (17)

  • German Startups Association (Germany)
    29 June 2018 Business association
    German Startups Association (Germany)

    Please find attached the comments of the German Startups Association on the Proposal for a “Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on promoting fairness and transparency for business users of online intermediation services”.

  • Ecommerce Europe (Belgium)
    29 June 2018 Business association
    Ecommerce Europe (Belgium)

    You will find attached the Position Paper of Ecommerce Europe. We overall welcome the publication of the European Commission’s Proposal for a Regulation on fairness and transparency in online platform trading. In particular, the European e-commerce association appreciates and supports the soft-touch and principle-based approach proposed by the Commission. Online platforms, such as e-commerce marketplaces, are engines of growth and Ecommerce...

  • Anonymous (Belgium)
    29 June 2018 Business association
    Anonymous (Belgium)

    You will find attached IMPALA's feedback attached. About IMPALA (Independent Music Companies Association) IMPALA represents European independent music companies. 99% of Europe's music companies are SMEs. Known as the "independents", they are world leaders in terms of innovation and discovering new music and artists - they produce more than 80% of all new releases & account for 80% of the sector's jobs. IMPALA's mission is to grow the...

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