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  • Anonymná (France)
    17 November 2017 Non-governmental organisation (NGO)
    Anonymná (France)

    Created in 1990, Surfrider Foundation Europe (SFE) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the protection and enhancement of Europe’s ocean, seas, beaches, lakes, rivers and coastlines. The organisation proactively works on a wide range of issues pertaining to marine, aquatic and coastal protection from marine litter to water quality or climate change. Surfrider Foundation Europe welcomes the initiative of the European Commission to conduct...

  • jean michel clerc (France)
    17 novembre 2017 EU citizen
    jean michel clerc (France)

    La « European Water Conference » devrait inclure des sessions et des ateliers spécifiques consacrées aux Retours d'Expériences sur des cas concrets de mises en oeuvre de la DCE, auxquels les ONG et la société civile puissent participer et s'exprimer. L'élaboration, approbation, puis transposition de la DCE et des directives associées selon le droit de chaque pays, s'est effectuée sur une période longue (plusieurs années) représentative du...

  • City of Paris (France)
    17 novembre 2017 Public authority
    City of Paris (France)

    City of Paris 's Stance- The Water Framework Directive is widely accepted as the most important part of European environmental legislation for water. It is a reference case for the protection and enhancement of water resources. However, seventeen years later, it is now time for a feedback (attached a document)-

  • Calin Dejeu (Romania)
    17 November 2017 EU citizen
    Calin Dejeu (Romania)

    Water Framework Directive is by far the best item in the EU law. It provide us a chance to protect the most vulnerable and precious features of nature, the rivers. Even in countries like Romania, where it is not implemented yet, almost 11 years after admission, it gives us hope that some day the rivers will no longer be aggressed, but protected and restored. The Directive itself needs to be preserved the way it is, it is the implementation...

  • WssTP (Belgium)
    17 November 2017 Other
    WssTP (Belgium)

    The WFD serves as an international reference case for the protection and enhancement of fresh water resources. Since the WFD was adopted, however, the world has changed and the awareness of the value of water for our society and economy has steadily increased. Important developments that a review of the WFD should consider, include amongst others the digitalization of our society, new technological developments, an increased awareness about...

  • Association européenne de producteurs de mollusques (AEPM/EMPA) (France)
    17 Noviembre 2017 Other
    Association européenne de producteurs de mollusques (AEPM/EMPA) (France)

    La Directiva marco del agua (DMA) adoptada en el año 2000, fijaba la derogación de varias disposiciones relativas a la protección de la calidad de las aguas, como la Directiva 79/923/CEE relativa a la calidad exigida a las aguas para cría de moluscos (codificada como Directiva 2006/113/CE). Esta derogación solo podía darse si se seguía garantizando un nivel de protección equivalente al establecido por las disposiciones derogadas (como se...

  • Wirtschaftsvereinigung Stahl / German Steel Federation (Germany)
    17 November 2017 Business association
    Wirtschaftsvereinigung Stahl / German Steel Federation (Germany)

    In the roadmap under "purpose and scope" is mentioned "The fitness check may identify areas where simplifications or improvements to the legislation or its implementation could be possible …" In this context and in addition to the foreseen “Data collection and methodology” we want to point out that all regulatory interactions should be taken into account in the fitness check for a better harmonization of legislation, especially: • REACh -...

  • Pesticide Action Network (PAN) Europe (Belgium)
    17 November 2017 Non-governmental organisation (NGO)
    Pesticide Action Network (PAN) Europe (Belgium)

    Taking into account the scope of this fitness check, that will look at “the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, coherence and EU added value of the Water Framework Directive”, which represents “the most comprehensive instrument of EU water policy…with the aim of achieving good status of EU waters”, it seems quite reductive and biased to have as purpose “a quantitative assessment of actual costs and benefits including impacts on business” and...

  • European Environmental Bureau (EEB) (Belgium)
    17 November 2017 Non-governmental organisation (NGO)
    European Environmental Bureau (EEB) (Belgium)

    The European Environmental Bureau (EEB) welcomes this upcoming evaluation of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) as an opportunity to revitalise the implementation of this important piece of environmental legislation with a view to making significant progress towards achieving its objectives. To help with this the Fitness check will need to investigate in particular which have been the main barriers to full implementation and identify where...

  • EDA - European Dairy Associaton (Belgium)
    17 November 2017 Business association
    EDA - European Dairy Associaton (Belgium)

    EDA, the European Dairy Association, represents the dairy processors in the EU. EDA welcomes the Commission Fitness Check of the Water Framework Directive and the Floods Directive. For the dairy industry water is an essential resource, as it is stated in the roadmap saying “water is essential for many economic activities and for the environment”. Potable and drinking water are essential components to allow and maintain food safety and quality...