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This initiative aims at amending the Union fisheries control system to simplify it, to make it more effective and efficient and to ensure full compliance with the reformed Common Fisheries Policy and equitable treatment of operators. Main objectives are strengthening provisions on enforcement, ensuring better quality and sharing of fisheries data and information, reducing administrative burden, enhancing synergies with other policies.

Maritime affairs and fisheries
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Inception impact assessment
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Feedback period
03 October 2017 - 31 October 2017 (midnight Brussels time)
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Feedback (7)

  • European Anglers Alliance (EAA) (Belgium)
    31 October 2017 Non-governmental organisation (NGO)
    European Anglers Alliance (EAA) (Belgium)

    (Full feedback in attachment) ● We, the European Anglers Alliance (EAA) and the European Fishing Tackle Trade Association (EFTTA), support Option 2: ‘Amendment of the Fisheries Control Regulation’ ● Our response follows up on our response to the consultation of last year:https://ec.europa.eu/info/sites/info/files/consultation-evaluation-fishe... Introduction: Our present response focuses mainly on these shortcomings in the Commission’s ...

  • CNPMEM (France)
    31 octobre 2017 Business association
    CNPMEM (France)

    Suite à la publication début octobre par la Commission européenne de l’étude d’impact initiale sur le règlement contrôle, et la consultation ainsi menée, le Comité National des Pêches Maritimes et des Elevages Marins souhaite porter à votre connaissance les éléments joints dans la contribution annexée.

  • FREMSS (Spain)
    31 Octubre 2017 Non-governmental organisation (NGO)
    FREMSS (Spain)

    Desde FREMSS, organización registrado como GRUPO DE INTERÉS, queremos señalar la necesidad de que el futuro reglamento de control tenga en cuenta el aspecto social y económico como prioritario. Las normas deben tener en cuenta que sobre quien van recaer son los pescadores que trabajan en un medio hostil y necesitan ser lo más sencillas posibles de aplicar y no complicar la actividad de los pescadores o encarecer las actividades de la pesca. Es...

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Commission adoption

Feedback: closed

Proposal for a regulation
More about adopted acts

Adopted on
30 May 2018
Feedback period
30 May 2018 - 15 August 2018 (midnight Brussels time)
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Feedback (6)

  • EUfishmeal (Denmark)
    15 August 2018 Business association
    EUfishmeal (Denmark)

    EUfishmeal represent European producers of fishmeal and fish oil producing 480,000 tonnes of fishmeal and 170,000 tonnes of fish oil every year. We source raw materials directly from the European fleet and from the processing industry (by-products from production of fish for direct human consumption) and welcome the Commission´s proposal to ensure effective control of the landing obligation and to strengthen traceability. As regards the...

  • AIPCE-CEP (Belgium)
    14 August 2018 Trade union
    AIPCE-CEP (Belgium)

    AIPCE–CEP represents processors and traders of fish and fishery products supplying the EU market. Our membership consists of 20 EU National Associations and 2 Associations in Third countries, comprising around 3,500 companies employing some 120,000 people, many at SME level. The overall value of the output of our industry amounts to around EUR 27 billion, or three times the turnover of the catching sector. We source raw materials from the EU...

    10 Agosto 2018 Non-governmental organisation (NGO)

    Desde la Fundación FREMSS, consideramos que la propuesta de modificación del reglamento de control, no simplifica la actual normativa, aumenta las cargas sobre los pescadores, olvidándose de nuevo la propuesta del impacto social de las normas. El actual reglamento de control, necesita pequeñas adaptaciones tanto en relación a la nueva PPC como en relación a las dificultades que alguna de las normas actuales conllevaban a los pescadores para...

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