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Nanomaterials may interact and have different properties and impacts than bigger particles of the same material, and there may be a need for specific provisions in regulations to ensure that those differences are addressed. In 2011, the Commission adopted a Recommendation on the definition of a nanomaterial to identify when such provisions are needed, which included an obligation for the Commission to review the definition in light of experience and scientific and technological developments.

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15 September 2017 - 13 October 2017
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  • MedPharmPlast Europe (Belgium)
    13 October 2017 Business association
    MedPharmPlast Europe (Belgium)

    On behalf of MedPharmPlast Europe, see attached.

  • CEA NanoSafety Platform (France)
    13 October 2017 Academic/research institution
    CEA NanoSafety Platform (France)

    "To name things wrongly is to add to the misfortune of the world" (Albert Camus). The european recommendation to define nanomaterials for regulatory purposes uses only, as defining properties, the external dimensions of the material. The regulatory definition will be limited to powder containing a percentage of ultra-fine or submicronic particles having a size below 100 nm, which is the ISO definition for nano-objects, their aggregates and...

  • SYNADIET (France)
    13 octobre 2017 Company/business organisation
    SYNADIET (France)

    Nous appuyons pleinement l'initiative de la Commission de soumettre cette révision de la définition du nanomatériau. Le document proposé (Roadmap – Ares (2017)4513169) reprend les problématiques auxquelles la Commission doit trouver des solutions. En tant que représentant des industriels du compléments alimentaires, nous souhaitons insister sur les points qu’il est indispensable de prendre en compte pour la mise en place de cette définition....

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First quarter 2018

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