About this consultation

Feedback period
12 December 2018 - 3 April 2019 (midnight Brussels time)
Food safety

Target audience

Individual citizens, economic operators, pet owners, business organisations, workers and their representative organisations, non-governmental organisations, advisory bodies and public administrations interested in feed additives.

Why we are consulting

The Commission is evaluating the legislation on additives for use in animal nutrition (Regulation (EC) No 1831/2003 or ‘the Regulation’).
Feed additives are substances, microorganisms or preparations intentionally added to feed or water to influence the feed or water itself or to have an effect on the animal. Examples include substances that:
- have a technological effect on feed, e.g. preservatives;
- improve the taste or look of feed or food derived from animals, e.g. colourants to directly colour feed or to indirectly colour meat or eggs;
- have a nutritional effect on the animal, e.g. vitamins;
- improve the performance of the animal: e.g. enzymes improving the digestibility of feed, thereby increasing meat production.
The objective of this consultation is to gather views on to what extent the Regulation has achieved its aims, to what extent it is still fit for purpose and whether it needs to be updated. Your views will be an important contribution to the Commission’s analysis of the existing legislative framework.

Responding to the questionnaire

The response period for this consultation has ended. The questionnaire is no longer available. You can track further progress of this initiative by subscribing to receive notifications.