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Proposal for a Regulation on interoperability of information systems in the field of migration and security

Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs
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26 July 2017 - 23 August 2017
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  • Anonymous (Denmark)
    23 august 2017 Public authority
    Anonymous (Denmark)

    This feedback was removed either at the request of the author or because it did not comply with the European Commission's rules for publishing feedback and suggestions.

  • Ministry of Security and Justice (Netherlands)
    23 August 2017 Public authority
    Ministry of Security and Justice (Netherlands)

    Please find in attached file the contribution of the Netherlands ministry of Security and Justice. It is submitted on behalf of the COSI and HLEG representative of the Netherlands.

  • Swiss Government (Switzerland)
    23 August 2017 Public authority
    Swiss Government (Switzerland)

    Please kindly find hereby the comments of Switzerland.

  • Jukka S. RANNILA (Finland)
    18 August 2017 EU citizen
    Jukka S. RANNILA (Finland)

    Hi, My opinion is presented on the attached PDF file. With kind regards, Jukka Rannila

  • Bamro (Belgium)
    11 août 2017 Non-governmental organisation (NGO)
    Bamro (Belgium)

    Les mesures annoncées dans cette proposition sont adéquates, cependant Il faut veiller à ce que les mesures adoptées respectent les droits de l’homme dans les pays de l’UE, et veiller au respect de la vie privé Chercher à adopter les mesures à fin d’augmenter la confiance entre les pays, les institutions, et les services concernes. Avoir des échanges d’informations avec les pays autre que les pays membres de l’EU qui sont concernés par les...

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