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christopher AYLETT
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Motorsport Industry Association (MIA)
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Small (10 to 49 employees)
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United Kingdom

The Motorsport Industry Association (MIA) is the only international trade association for all businesses engaged in the business of motorsport. We attach our response to the Inception Impact Assessment of 24/07/2017 in regard to the REFIT review of the 2009 Motor Insurance Directive and the effect of the Vnuk judgment of the Court of Justice for the European Union in 2014. We highlight an unintended consequence of the Vnuk judgment which will have a disastrous effect on thousands of motorsport businesses and their tens of thousands of employees across the EU, if the wording of the Vnuk judgment is not amended to apply only to motor vehicles in traffic. The unintended destruction of European motor sport after over a century since it began, and the loss of an outstandingly popular sporting amenity, is a high price to pay for this legislation as it now stands. We hope this is an outcome which, through careful, pragmatic discussion and thoughtful action can be avoided and we will be pleased to play our full part in achieving this on behalf of the European motorsport industry.

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