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29 June 2017 - 27 July 2017
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  • ENSIE, European Network of Social Integration Enterprises (Belgium)
    26 July 2017 Non-governmental organisation (NGO)
    ENSIE, European Network of Social Integration Enterprises (Belgium)

    This ENSIE’s feedback about the roadmap concerns following points: - the evaluation of the effectiveness of the partnerships between employers and public employment services. ENSIE thinks that a reference to Work Integration Social Enterprises and the social economy in general is needed. Work Integration Social Enterprises can play a prominent role in integrating LTU back into the labour market, giving individuals not only work, but social...

  • EuroHealthNet (Belgium)
    19 July 2017 Other
    EuroHealthNet (Belgium)

    This feedback builds upon the impact long term unemployment (LTU) has on health inequalities (HI). HI cost EU governments significantly: they reduce people’s ability to contribute to society, undermine economic growth and prosperity, and increase health, social care and wider public expenditures. LTU IMPACT ON HEALTH INEQUALITIES The link between unemployment and ill health is well established. Unemployment has a higher negative on health for...

  • Senior Corporate Silver Spoon, Environment and Nature Association (Hungary)
    11 July 2017 Non-governmental organisation (NGO)
    Senior Corporate Silver Spoon, Environment and Nature Association (Hungary)

    Dear European Commission, Dear Lady/Sir, Thank you for the roadmap you sent to me. I read the roadmap and read the following suggestions after reading it European Commission. (A.1) point The purpose of the four main areas presented in the LTU Recommendation was a noble thought and action, and this is the case at present and is in operation. I think that not only does the state-level Employment Office and the other state offices dealing with...

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02 May 2018 - 01 August 2018
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