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Inception impact assessment
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Feedback period
22 June 2017 - 20 July 2017 (midnight Brussels time)
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Feedback (4)

  • Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Division Bank and Insurance (Austria)
    20 July 2017 Company/business organisation
    Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Division Bank and Insurance (Austria)

    In addition to our comments submitted lately we would like to state the following: It is correct that the European NPL secondary market has the potential to improve in general. Currently there is no explicit legal regulation for (retail) NPL sales in Austria. This forces banks and investors to find solutions for debt sale by using the few existing legal possibilities and balance the obstacles. The following main legal obstacles for retail debt...

  • Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Division Bank and Insurance (Austria)
    20 July 2017 Business association
    Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Division Bank and Insurance (Austria)

    In principle we support this initiative, although we have seen some momentum in the secondary market for distressed debt in recent time. However, in order to improve the market conditions a general public policy could enhance and further develop the market. An important factor is to create a transparent and open market that could attract a larger pool of investors resulting in higher price levels in line with the collateral values. This could...

  • Anonymous (Sweden)
    16 July 2017 Company/business organisation
    Anonymous (Sweden)

    High-Level perspective on the Commission’s approach As set out by the Commission in the inception Impact assessment, European NPL markets show varying levels of maturity, ranging from the UK’s advanced processes where sellers drive market processes and prices to Greece, where the NPL sales market has been inactive over the past 5 years. Efficient and effective court systems play an important role in improving recovery levels, whereas high...

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Commission adoption

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Proposal for a directive
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Adopted on
14 March 2018
Feedback period
14 March 2018 - 08 June 2018 (midnight Brussels time)
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Feedback (22)

  • Arrow Global Group (United Kingdom)
    8 June 2018 Company/business organisation
    Arrow Global Group (United Kingdom)

    Please see attached document.

  • Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A. (Italy)
    8 June 2018 Company/business organisation
    Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A. (Italy)

    Intesa Sanpaolo supports the Commission’s proposal which aims at boosting NPL secondary markets and at increasing protection of secured creditors from business borrowers’ default. However, a number of issues in the proposed Directive are still unaddressed and remain a source of concern for Intesa Sanpaolo along with other market participants. Please refer to the attached document for our key messages and detailed comments.

  • Fédération Bancaire Française (France)
    8 June 2018 Business association
    Fédération Bancaire Française (France)

    We welcome the proposal: to remove national restrictions to the transfer of risks by EUcredit institutions to non-banks;allowing the possibility for creditors and borrowers to agree upon an accelerated extra judicial collateral enforcement mechanism in order to shorten recovery periods to the extent it remains optional. It is very important that the proposal does not create adverse effects that would disrupt the current functioning of the...

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