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Fire Safe Europe (FSEU) is a broad and unique cross-sectorial alliance of fire experts, fire fighters, European associations, and international companies, including construction manufacturers and material suppliers of insulation, cable, concrete, ceiling, and fire protection equipment.  

While FSEU welcomes the opportunity to provide input on the possible review of the CPR, we oppose Option III; repealing or downgrading the CPR requirements would be very negative both for fire safety and for EU industry. It would lead to the creation of trade barriers in the EU and undermine the single market and free movement of construction products between Member States.

FSEU supports maintaining CPR and improving the effective standardisation processes in CEN. Keeping European standards updated and reflecting real safety risks is in the interest of European citizens, authorities, and industries alike. Europe has been seen providing positive examples in fire safety standards to the rest of the world. This position needs to be maintained. Therefore, the European Commission and CEN should work together to continue to develop harmonised fire safety standards including smoke and sustainability to address the risks of modern constructions and the challenges of the circular economy.

FSEU would like to express its interest to participate in the open and constructive dialogue on the way forward.

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