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CEMBUREAU, the European Cement Association, recommends Option I (No legislative change), and strongly recommends against Option III (Repealing the CPR).

In general, we are not in favour of a premature revision of the CPR. Where we recognise that there are issues to be solved in the pragmatic implementation of the Regulation, this does not mean we are advocating a revision of the Regulation. Indeed, a long revision process is unlikely to solve the issues which are less caused by the Regulation itself, and have more to do with implementation.

Therefore, under Option I, we support the idea mentioned that “Efforts would be made - i.a. through flexible and uniform interpretation - to smoothen its application, promote the uptake of simplification provisions…”. We call for improving the process of reviewing mandates and amending standards. For that purpose, more resources should be dedicated to processing delegated acts that are relevant to standards and assessing and citing published standards in the OJ.

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