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fritkot bompa
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Dear people , dear lovers from the real frites ,

I am more than 20 years in Brussels with my frites shop ,
I am the men , for saying thats acrylamide is not the fault of the potatos , but
is the fault of some frites shops , and why ??
The secret for making frites , is your frites oven , THE MACHIEN , where we making frites ,
In my shop , i can you garanty thats the frites we make are one of the lowest acrylamide for Brussels have ,
Why ???
Easy to declared this ,
The temperature , here in Belgium in Celcius , are for the the first oven here is under the 120 dégres , in other frites shops is 160 dégres ,
this first oven , is for prébaking the frites ,
The second oven , thats the more important oven , for baking the finish touch , is here in my shop under the 160 dégres , in other frites shops is 180 to 190 dégres , and this is the temperatures for killing frites and so you make acrylamide .
I can you give garenty when in the Europe all frites shops , make the good celicius , we dont have acrylamide in frites ,
So for people the have contact me for comming see mee , take contact to me .
And please stop to saying in Europe thats frites have acrylamide , bether to say : learning people to make good frites whith to good celcius !!

See you all later for feather comment !

And see the attach file , this are the control in labo this year 2017 for acrylamide in Brussels frites shops , my shop fritkot bompa one of the best , and why you think ???

Eric Duhamel

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