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Proposal for a regulation


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Inception impact assessment
More about roadmaps.

Feedback period
18 May 2017 - 15 June 2017 (midnight Brussels time)
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Feedback (8)

  • ECG - The Association of European Vehicle Logistics (Belgium)
    15 June 2017 Business association
    ECG - The Association of European Vehicle Logistics (Belgium)

    ECG - The Association of European Vehicle Logistics - represents over 100 leading automotive logistics companies (ranging from family-owned SMEs to multi-nationals) from 27 countries across Europe, including the Western Balkans, Norway, Switzerland, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, and Turkey. Effectively using all modes of transport (though with a particular focus on a unique product, namely finished vehicles), ECG members own or operate over...

  • International Road Transport Union ("IRU") (Switzerland)
    15 June 2017 Non-governmental organisation (NGO)
    International Road Transport Union ("IRU") (Switzerland)

    The International Road Transport Union ("IRU") supports the EU’s policy move towards a more digital transport environment and thanks the European Commission for providing stakeholders with the opportunity to contribute at this stage of the process. IRU welcomes the support for the use of electronic control documents in the recently published Mobility Package, particularly relating to the potential of eCMR to be used in the enforcement of...

  • Norwegian Coastal Administration (Norway)
    15 June 2017 Public authority
    Norwegian Coastal Administration (Norway)

    The (rapid) development in communication technologies, seamless exchange of information is vital to the development of the economy and the society in general. However, wrong implementation strategy could result in a poor outcome. Norway therefore welcomes the European Commission initiative and the proposed impact assessment process. Any legislative actions should be very carefully considered. The international and intermodal transport chain...

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Commission adoption

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Proposal for a regulation
More about adopted acts

Adopted on
17 May 2018
Feedback period
17 May 2018 - 30 July 2018 (midnight Brussels time)
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Feedback (4)

  • COFRAC (France)
    27 July 2018 Non-governmental organisation (NGO)
    COFRAC (France)

    Hereafter comments from Cofrac (French Accreditation Body). These comments concern section 3 "Certification" articles for which clarification seems necessary. Future delegated acts will have to be very clear on the control procedure applied to the certification program and be consistent with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17065, in particular concerning the use of certification marks Article 11 - Certification of eFTI platforms Surveillance...

  • Anonymous (Netherlands)
    27 July 2018 Other
    Anonymous (Netherlands)

    General: The proposal does not specify which of the harmonised standards for accreditation shall be used by the national accreditation bodies. Given the object of certification are the EFTI platform (article 8) and the EFTI service providers (article 9), harmonised standard EN-ISO/IEC 17065 seems the most appropriate standard, given the fact that that standards is for the certification of products, processes and services. It would help...

  • GDV e.V. (Germany)
    26 July 2018 Business association
    GDV e.V. (Germany)

    The GDV welcomes the current proposed Regulation. It creates uniform conditions across the EU in respect of the acceptance of electronic freight transport information and papers by the relevant authorities. Companies will not, however, be obliged to provide such information and papers in electronic form, either in their dealings with the authorities or in their dealings with each other. Furthermore, rules are laid down covering the IT systems...

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