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  • IOGT-NTO (Sweden)
    30 March 2017 Non-governmental organisation (NGO)
    IOGT-NTO (Sweden)

    IOGT-NTO welcomes the review of Directive 92/83/EEC and the opportunity to provide feedback to the Inception Impact Assessment (IIA). IOGT-NTO has several comments regarding the EC’s understanding of the problems linked with the Directive as well as the objectives and policy options to be examined. The EC’s understanding of the problem (Part A): 1. The IIA identifies several problems linked to the product categories as defined by the Directive...

  • AB InBev (France)
    30 March 2017 Company/business organisation
    AB InBev (France)

    Reduced rate for lower-strength beer AB InBev would like to reinforce its support for increasing the alcohol content threshold up to which reduced rates of duty on beer may apply, from 2,8% to 3,5% ABV. As we’re constantly expanding and investing in our lower-/no-alcohol range to give our consumers a variety of choices (e.g. Jupiler 0,0%; Beck’s Blue; Hoegaarden Rosee) we believe such an increase would create a significant incentive for...

  • spiritsEUROPE (Belgium)
    30 March 2017 Business association
    spiritsEUROPE (Belgium)

    The EU spirits sector is greatly concerned by the potential for legislative change to adversely impact on the sector. Spirits already face discrimination as a consequence of EU excise tax structures. They do not wish this situation to be made worse. While the current review of Directive 92/83 contains elements that appear very valuable, it also seems to be an attempt to resolve problems caused by the minimum rates directive (92/84). ...

  • Polish Union of Cosmetics Industry (Poland)
    28 March 2017 Business association
    Polish Union of Cosmetics Industry (Poland)

    The Polish Union of Cosmetics Industry strongly welcomes the EC initiative of the directive 92/83/EEC REFIT and possible revision. The current regulatory systems enabling very restrictive approach in the area of partial denaturation of alcohol discriminates the business operators of the cosmetics industry in some of the EU Member States. Please find attached the detailed Union's comments on the Roadmap presented. Blanka Chmurzyńska-Brown...

  • European Alcohol Policy Alliance (Belgium)
    28 March 2017 Non-governmental organisation (NGO)
    European Alcohol Policy Alliance (Belgium)

    The European Alcohol Policy Alliance (Eurocare) would like to thank the European Commission for being given the opportunity to comment on the Roadmap of the revision of Directive 92/84/EEC. Eurocare is an alliance of non- governmental organisations with around 60 member organisations across 24 European countries advocating the prevention and reduction of alcohol related harm in Europe. Member organisations are involved in advocacy and...

    6 Marzo 2017 Business association

    Me refiero concretamente al vino y en particular al vino español. Este producto está definido en nuestro país como un alimento, parte integrante de la dieta mediterránea. Su consumo moderado es aconsejado por el estamento médico ante las múltiples evidencias de los beneficios de una copa o dos al día. Recientemente muchos de esos beneficios y últimos descubrimientos, han sido transmitidos en un Congreso Internacional celebrado los pasados 16 y...