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As part of its better regulation agenda, the Commission is listening more closely to the views of citizens and stakeholders. The aim is to make evidence-based proposals of EU policies and laws that address their needs. In this space you can share your views on Commission initiatives at key stages of the policy and law-making cycle.

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Initial ideas – Roadmaps and inception impact assessments

New ideas for policies and legislation are outlined in documents called roadmaps and inception impact assessments. This is also the case for evaluations and 'fitness checks' of existing laws. You can give your feedback during a period of 4 weeks.

Give feedback on roadmaps and inception impact assessments

Gathering evidence – Public consultations

Through public consultations you can express your views on the scope, priorities and added value of EU action for new initiatives, or evaluations of existing policies and laws. The consultation is done via tailored questionnaires. Public consultations are open for a response period of 12 weeks.   

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Legislative proposals – Providing input before the law becomes final

Once the Commission has finalised a legislative proposal and submitted it to the European Parliament and the Council, you have another opportunity to give feedback. The feedback period for Commission proposals is 8 weeks, after which the contributions will be passed on to the Parliament and the Council.

Give feedback on Commission legislative proposals

Technical rules or updates – Draft delegated and implementing acts

Sometimes EU laws which have been adopted by the European Parliament and the Council contain specific provisions which allow the Commission to:

  • amend or supplement non-essential elements of those laws. This is done in the form of 'delegated acts'
  • specify the conditions for existing laws to be implemented in the same way across the EU. These rules are commonly known as 'implementing acts'

Draft delegated and implementing acts are open for a feedback period of 4 weeks.

Give feedback on draft implementing and delegated acts 

Simplifying and improving existing laws - Lighten the load

At any time you can tell us how you think existing laws and initiatives can be simplified and improved to be more effective and reduce regulatory burden. Your suggestions may be reviewed by the REFIT Platform and reflected in their recommendations.

Share your views on how to simplify EU regulation

Feedback rules

To submit your feedback you need to create an 'EU Login' account using the 'Register' button below or use an existing one if you have it. You can also use one of your social media accounts.

Except for responses to public consultations, all feedback received will be published instantly on this site so you can also view what others have said. Therefore all feedback must adhere to the feedback rules and if not, it may be removed.

For transparency, all organisations and those carrying out activities that aim to influence EU decision-making processes are asked to first provide their details in the EU transparency register before giving their feedback. 

Language policy

In this section the Commission makes information available in as many official EU languages as possible. We make at least basic information describing initiatives such as titles and summaries available in all EU languages. In some instances, detailed information is only available in 1 or just a few languages. However you can always submit your feedback in any official EU language.

Public consultation questionnaires are available in at least English, French and German, and often in more EU languages. Public consultation questionnaires related to new initiatives listed in the Commission work programme are generally available in 23 official EU languages. When arriving on the page of a questionnaire, use the language selector at the top of the page to switch to a language of your choice.

More about the language policy for this website

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