Sectors financed

The European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) is available for economically viable projects, including projects with a risk profile.

It focuses on sectors which support sustainable growth and employment in the EU:

  • strategic infrastructure (digital, transport and energy)
  • environmentally sustainable projects (renewable energy and resource efficiency)
  • urban and rural development and social projects
  • education and training, research, development and innovation
  • investments boosting employment, in particular support for smaller businesses and midcap companies

Financial instruments under the Investment Plan are integrated into the European Investment Bank Group.

First steps towards financing

For large infrastructure projects

  • More than € 25 million - public or private promoters can apply for a loan through the European Investment Bank
  • Less than € 25 million - projects should be grouped together in co-investment platforms (framework loans, dedicated funds) before being presented to the EIB


  • No need to have a cross border project
  • No need to go through governments or municipalities
  • Financing can flow to projects in non-EU countries as part of cross-border projects involving EU countries

For smaller companies (SMEs / midcap)

EFSI focuses on small and medium-sized companies with fewer than 3,000 employees. Resources under the SME window are used to accelerate and enhance how existing EU flagship programmes - COSME and InnovFin - are deployed, and to significantly increase access to risk financing.

Other SME access to finance, EU co-funding


Get your project seen and attract potential investors on the European Investment Project Portal - a matchmaking platform between project promotors and investors.

First steps for investors

EFSI helps

  • identify and unlock key investment projects of European significance
  • give investors greater confidence to invest in riskier projects such as large-scale, long-term investment projects in infrastructure
  • act as a credibility label for investments
  • enable non EU-countries to also co-invest in EFSI projects

Find information about projects on the European Investment Project Portal. Projects published are:

  • worth at least € 10 million
  • expected to start within 3 years of their submission to the EIPP
  • promoted by a public or private legal entity established in an EU country
  • compatible with all applicable EU and national laws.

Investors can also contact the European Investment Bank.

Technical help

Companies can get assistance from the European Investment Advisory Hub on technical issues including:

  • technical project support
  • project structuring
  • financial advice
  • capacity building
  • policy advice


Investment Plan - opportunities for stakeholders

Political priorities