REA staff

The Research Executive Agency employs 625 people from 24 countries. It will become the largest executive agency of the Commission by 2020.

The main categories of staff are: 

Temporary agents (about 25% of staff) 

Temporary agents are recruited for specialised tasks on fixed-term contracts which may be renewed.

Typical job profiles include: research programme officers, legal officers, and some junior-management positions such as heads of sectors.

Contract agents (about 75% of staff) 

Contract agents are recruited to do a wide range of support or technical jobs. Depending on the responsibilities and qualifications required, they are divided into four function groups (FG I to FGIV). Contract agents are recruited on fixed-term contracts, which may be renewed.

Some typical job profiles in the REA include: project advisers, project officers, finance officers, project assistants and financial assistants.

Recruitment principles

REA hires its staff through an open recruitment procedure, in line with the Staff regulations of officials and conditions of employment of other servants of the European Communities (related links below)

Terms of recruitment 

  • staff regulations and any specific decisions of the agency's steering committee apply to REA staff members
  • remuneration is based on the community scale of salaries
  • pay is subject to community tax and other deductions laid down in the staff regulations
  • remuneration is exempt from any national taxation 
  • salaries depend on personal circumstances and whether the candidate has left his/her EU country to take up the position
  • deductions are made for medical insurance, pensions and unemployment insurance, where applicable
  • staff receive allowances for their children, where applicable
  • medical insurance and pension scheme are provided
  • annual leave entitlement, in addition to EU holidays, begins at 2 days per month (24 days per year)

Personal data protection ​ 

Job opportunities

REA offers job opportunities to:

  • Temporary Agents
  • Contract Agents
  • Trainees

Temporary agents are recruited through calls of expressions of interest. Contract agents are selected from databases after passing a CAST competition. The calls for trainees open twice a year and are processed by the European Commission.

Temporary staff

Inter-Agency mobility

We are looking for  Accountant – Head of the Accounting Sector - Temporary Agents 2(f)-AD5/AD12

Please note that this call for applications only concerns current Temporary Agent AD 2(f) contract holders.

Candidates must submit a complete application (in English or French): motivation letter (maximum one page), curriculum vitae in Europass  format ONLY, and a completed eligibility grid (dated, signed and scanned). You will find it at the end of the vacancy notice. Only complete applications will be considered.

Applications must be submitted by email  ONLY to, quoting the reference of the call for applications, at the latest by 28 February, 12:00 (midday), Brussels time (please check the time zones).

Candidates will receive an acknowledgment of receipt for their application. Any questions or requests for clarification should be sent to


Contract staff

Change in the recruitment procedure in REA:

SPONTANEOUS APPLICATIONS are no longer considered in the REA selection procedure.

The European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) is launching an open-ended selection procedure to create a pool of candidates from which the institutions, bodies, offices and agencies of the European Union (EU) (see the following link: can recruit contract agents.

Following the new EPSO CAST CALL, the use of the REA SPONTANEOUS APPLICATIONS DATABASE is closed down as from 5th January on and the CV(s) which you might have already submitted to us in the past will not be considered any more.

To have the possibility to be invited in a future REA selection panel, you can from now on only submit an application via your EPSO account:

Please find the link here:

As needs arise, the REA will search the pool of applications and select a certain number of candidates to be invited by EPSO to sit a series of computer-based multiple choice tests.

Successful candidates will be called for an interview with a selection panel composed of staff from REA or other executive agencies/institutions/bodies (see the following link:

Only candidates who passed a CAST competency test, and/or are included in one of the databases listed below, can be considered for an interview by the REA selection panel.

We would also like to inform candidates whose names feature in one of the below listed databases of eligible candidates, that the validity of the databases has been extended until 30/06/2017.

EPSO/CAST/1-6/07 (CAST 27)
EPSO/CAST/02/2010 (with successful competency test)

In order to have the possibility to be invited in a future selection of the REA, we kindly advise all candidates to apply for the new CASTS: EPSO/CAST/P/1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17/2017 as soon as possible.

For questions concerning the new CAST please refer also to the FAQ  of EPSO.


Independent experts

If you have high-level of expertise in your field and would like to evaluate proposals competing for research funding, you can become an independent expert. 

Become an independent expert


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