Staff interpreters

To become a permanent staff interpreter for the EU, you must first sit a competition for interpreters.

Precise eligibility criteria, particularly regarding the required language profile, are different for each competition.

If you are successful in the competition, you may be offered a permanent AD (administator-grade) contract.

How to apply

Opportunities - open and upcoming competitions

Freelance and temporary interpreters

Exceptionally, for special or urgent needs, interpreters may be recruited as temporary staff.

The European Parliament, the European Commission, and the European Court of Justice each have an interpretation service but recruitment of staff interpreters and selection of freelance interpreters is carried out jointly.

Candidate country freelance interpreters

If you wish to apply, please see the freelance accreditation page. If you have filled in the electronic form once before, please do not repeat the operation. You are welcome to send in your application at any time, even if no test is scheduled.

Accreditation test

The test contains a series of elements: tests in consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, and also, if relevant, in a retour language; tests in various non-linguistic matters. However, there is currently a moratorium on open competitions for interpreters.

Apply as a freelance interpreter



Please note that any certificates issued by Directorate-General Interpretation only certify participation in the relevant training course and do not imply accreditation as an interpreter for the EU institutions.