Types of temporary contracts

As well as permanent officials, the European Commission often recruits non-permanent staff for fixed-term contracts. There are two categories of non-permanent staff

  • temporary agents perform highly specialised tasks and can be hired for a limited time
  • contract agents perform manual or administrative tasks, or provide additional capacity in specialised fields when officials are not available; their contracts can be extended for an indefinite duration

Temporary agents - how to apply

Contract agents - how to apply

Current vacancies


Open temporary opportunities advertised by the European Personnel Selection Office.


You may also find temporary job offers from these departments:

Eurostat - European statistics

Foreign Policy Instruments

Infrastructure and Logistics in Luxembourg

International cooperation and development

Joint Research Centre

Legal Service


Closed vacancies


Spontaneous applications

Job openings, which do not require a special selection procedure, are available in the EU CV online database.

Register in the database and answer the job openings or the open calls for interest. Don't forget to grant access to your CV and to keep it up to date.

If we are interested in you, we will contact you by email or by telephone.

Register in the CV online database


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