Apply for management positions

Senior managers


Senior managers include

  • Directors-General
  • Deputy Directors-General
  • Directors
  • Principal Advisers

Directors-General are the top-level EU civil servants who report directly to the Commissioner responsible for the policy area covered by their Directorate-General (DG).

Directors report to Directors-General and are accountable for the management of financial and human resources within their Directorates.

Key qualifications

Senior managers are selected based on a variety of high-level qualifications. They must have management experience and be able to demonstrate leadership skills. They are also required to demonstrate high standards of efficiency, ability and integrity. Directors-General are appointed to grade AD 15 or AD 16, while Directors are appointed to grade AD 14 or AD 15. 

Middle managers


Middle managers include

  • Heads of Unit
  • Heads of Department
  • Heads of Task Force

Middle managers are the line managers of the Commission. They play a key role in the effective delivery of the Commission's political priorities.

Key qualifications

Middle managers must possess the necessary skills to motivate and manage teams, expertise in specific policies or activities, and - where appropriate - relevant professional and management experience. Heads of Unit can be appointed to grades AD 9 to AD 14.

Mobility of managers

Mobility within and across departments in the European Commission is actively encouraged. In principle, managers change jobs every 5 years. Middle managers are required to move to a different Directorate-General at least every 10 years. 

Temporary jobs for managers

Management positions are usually filled by officials of the European institutions. However, in certain circumstances, temporary positions can be opened to external applicants.


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