The Research Executive Agency (REA) is organising in collaboration with the Fundacio Institut Català de Recerca de l'Aigua (ICRA) a cluster event on clean water that will take place on 22 October 2019 in Girona, Spain.

Full agenda and event package are available at the end of the page.

The main objectives of the event are:

  • To showcase the contribution of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie (MSC) Innovative Training Networks (ITN) projects in the field of clean water
  • To enhance synergies among projects
  • To facilitate networking opportunities
  • To get insights in the related policies and raise awareness of further funding opportunities
  • To get feedback for policy.

Representatives from 12 MSCA-ITN projects will participate:

ITN 2014 642904-TreatRec      

ITN 2014 641459-RELIEF              

ITN 2015 675530-ANSWER         

ITN 2015 676070-SuPER-W         

ITN 2016 722028-ENIGMA          

ITN 2016 722634-PROTECTED    

ITN 2016 722493-NaToxAq         

ITN 2017 765860-AQUAlity         

ITN 2017 641939-HypoTRAIN     

ITN 2018 813438-P-TRAP                

ITN 2018 812880-NOWELTIES

ITN 2018 813680-AQUASENSE


The cluster event will be the occasion to promote discussion and collect policy relevant information and data on policy areas related to clean water, one of the biggest environmental challenges our societies have to face.

The event will be structured around project presentations by Project Coordinators and two Early Stage Researchers (ESR) of each project. Two industrial partners will also present research results and provide their feedback about their participation in an ITN. A poster exhibition will be organised for the more recently funded projects.

Several European Commission services (DG EAC, DG RTD, DG ENV) will be involved to frame the policy discussions and present funding opportunities.

Speaker presentations

Sergi Sabater - ICRA presentation
Emanuela Galeazzi - Set the scene on MSCA-ITN cluster events
Barbara Mester - MSCA in H2020 & their future in HE
Buzica & Marczak - EU Water legislation
Mira Petrovic - TreatRec
Sara Johansson - TreatRec
Pau Juan Garcia - TreatRec
Irene Michael-Kordatou - ANSWER
Vasiliki Beretsou - ANSWER
Gijs DuLaing - Super-W
Larissa Arashiro - Super-W
Philipp Kehrein_Super-W
Paola_Calza - AQUAlity
Dimitra Papagiannaki - AQUAlity
Iván Sciscenko_AQUAlity
Joerg Lewandowski - HypoTRAIN
Anna Jaeger - HypoTRAIN
Damien Jougnot - ENIGMA
Guilherme Nogueira - ENIGMA
Lisa Connolly - ProtectED
Vittoria Mallia - ProtectED
Elizabeth_Goya_Jorge - ProtectED
Rosalie van Zelm - RELIEF
Mélanie Douziech - RELIEF
Hans Chr Hansen - NaToxAq
Carina Schonsee - NaToxAq
Regiane Sanches Natumi - NaToxAq
Stephen Barigye - ProtectED


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