Welcome to the MSCA-RISE-2020 Coordinators’ Day online event! We are very happy to have you in our team!

What does this webpage contain?

You will find on this webpage the agenda of the event and the recorded presentations (including corresponding PDF files with notes) of the most important matters related to the implementation of your RISE Grant Agreement: eligibility of researchers, records keeping, reporting, meetings, payments, amendment, dissemination and communication of the project results and ethics.

Important! Please take the time to watch all these recordings before the event. If you have questions, you can address them either before or during the meeting, in the dedicated sessions (see below how).

You will find below further information that will help you navigate through this digital event.

How can you follow the live online event on 11 February?

The first part of the event will be webstreamed. You can follow it by using this link.

The second part of the event will take place in smaller groups, in TEAMS, where you will also meet your Project Officers. You will receive by email a separate invitation with the connection details.

You can join the meeting by downloading the Microsoft Teams App or you can select to use the WEB SPP instead.

How can you send your questions?

To send us your questions for the Q&A session you need to connect to SLIDO and insert the dedicated event code #Y205

The code will be valid before and during the event. You can post your questions before the event, before 9 February 2021. Alternatively, you can submit your questions during the Q&A session or during the panel session with your Project Officer.

How can you send your feedback?

After the event you are kindly invited to respond to this feedback survey that will help us improve future similar events.

How to engage on social media?

We will be happy to engage on social media and welcome you to the team of MSCA RISE projects.

If you use a Twitter account, please use the #RISE2020Day and tag our official accounts @REA_research and @MSCActions.

Data protection

Your personal data and privacy are important to us. You will find in the Documents section the Data Protection Notice for this event, also with reference to the used online tools. Please read it carefully and contact us in case of questions or disagreements.

We thank you for your participation and we wish you best of success with the implementation of your RISE project!

Kind regards,

Your MSCA RISE team


Communication and Dissemination


Project Reporting




Eligibility and Record keeping






Project Meetings


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