This webpage provides you with the core information about the H2020-MSCA-RISE 2019 evaluation process, the formal requirements, the timeline as well as the expectations related to the fulfilment of the assigned tasks. Depending on the role that you have in the evaluation process – scientific expert, rapporteur, vice-chair, you will find on this webpage all the guidelines you must follow during your work. Therefore, please take the time to go through these documents which we carefully prepared for you. Should you have questions or need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact the Research Executive Agency staff using the contact details listed at the bottom of this page. We are here to support your work and work together to ensure a high-quality evaluation.


Welcome RISE 2019 evaluations –Mr. Fredrik OLSSON HECTOR, Head of Unit REA A.3. RISE

Art of evaluator - Tips on how to be a great evaluator from external expert perspective

Experts Briefing part 1 – Remote Evaluation phase - What is RISE, overview of the evaluation process, use of the RISE Assessment Grid to draft your Individual Evaluation Report

Experts Briefing part 2 – Preparing for the Central week – Guidance for preparing remotely a draft-Consensus Report (CR) and tips on how to run your consensus meetings and finalise the CRs (NEW as of May 7th)

MSCA Work Programme 2018-2020

MSCA RISE 2019 Guide for Applicants

RISE Assessment Grid


Questions? Drop an email to your RISE Panel Coordinator

Scientific Panels Email contact
Chemistry (CHE) Sotiris.KIOKIAS@ec.europa.eu
Economics (ECO)/Social Sciences (SOC) Gianluca.COLUCCIO@ec.europa.eu
Engineering (ENG) Rodrigo.GUTIERREZ-DOMINGUEZ@ec.europa.eu
Life Science (LIF)


Mathematics (MAT)/ Physics (PHY) Amanda-Jane.OZIN-HOFSAESS@ec.europa.eu
Environment (ENV) Oscar.PEREZ-PUNZANO@ec.europa.eu